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Day 14 in the Black Belt Poker House.

Well it’s the last day of the second week and I so wanted to be in the black by the end of today.

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts when I fire up the laptop having had just two hours sleep. Edwards 13th birthday and he invites over 5 of his mates for a sleep over (did some fool just say SLEEP OVER) an xbox and DVD’s made sure there was no sleep here.

I fire up some stt’s and 60 minutes later I’ve spewed like £100 away, I get this back to just -£65 by the end of two hours. At the end of three hours I’ve leaked like -£185 and I have to take a break. Another two hours of stt’s and I’ve pulled it back by £20 so I resort to drastic action and fire up the cash tables for an hour. I get lucky with one particular hand a/I on a 9 high flop with JJ v KK and I spike a J on the turn. I finish the hour and I’ve pulled my losses back for the day for a break even return.

Played the graders Tournament on Pokerstars and got off to a good start but then got owned by Dominic Kay, something he’s doing a lot of just lately.

Ben Vinson gets 1st Place (Well done mate)

Eoin Kennedy 2nd (Well done buddy)

Aarun Bernard 3rd (Great result mate, v.u.l losing to a 3 outer from Ben)

New levels tomorrow are:
Week 3: $0.50/$1 NLHE 6max/HU, PLO or $30+3 minimum STTs

Current status:
Week One -£190
Week Two -£134
Total -£324


James Atkin said...

Good luck with the new levels man!

Are you including the deposit bonus in the amounts you are down?

I'm down £400, but that includes the deposit bonus which I've nearly cleared! Things are looking up though!

Steve H. said...

Hi James
Glad to see things looking up at your end.

I'm down £324 w/e week 2 this includes my deposit bonus just trying to keep a positive outlook on things. Looking at the other graders sharkscopes I'm not too concrened.. Change of gears this week I hope. Call me if you fancy a sweat session