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would-be said...

Mate, why did you buy a one-day travel card??? They're a rip-off. Get an Oyster card for a 3 quid deposit, then top it up for a couple of quid when you use the tube, the journeys are so much cheaper with one of these cards. It'll save you a load if you're often in the city.

Steve H. said...

Thanks Would-be,
I was unaware of that and it's something I'll deffo have a look at next time i'm in the smoke - until I win an EPT at least. ;-)

havin_a_laff said...

You must have stamina mate. Good luck with the next sessions!

ROSSI said...

alright steve

i found these two pieces of software for skinning the ipoker network that might be usefull for you.

ipskinner ($20) and minmaxmod ($36).
you can completley skin the tables/cards/backgrounds/chips etc and you can re-size the mini view table on ipoker so its good for multi-tabling.

I am sure with all the hours you have to grind on ipoker at the moment you be glad to get rid of those stupid graphics.

Steve H. said...

H.A.L Thanks mate but I am knackered now. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
got the minimaximod, just need to get some profit now, hows your luck and hows the baby, sleeping through yet?

Michael said...

Can we change the song please, it's the same one every time I log in.