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Day 13 in the Black Belt Poker house.

My day off from poker today as I’m doing a full shift tomorrow (Sunday) although this doesn’t really give you a day off from Black Belt Poker as there’s still lots to be done.

I am obviously updating my blog everyday and initially I was asked to blog on the Black Belt Poker site, I was then asked if I could compile a weekly article for Betfair as they were going to do a piece every week and follow one particular grader through the process, I was honoured to be asked and therefore do not want to skimp them with an article simply by cutting and pasting extracts from my posts on this site and that I do an entirely separate piece for them – I’m sure as well that if I did cut and paste it would soon be picked up and marks would go against me.

You can see everyone's progress on the Black Belt Poker Board, click the banner:

Anyways, I spent 3 hours today getting my article for Betfair up to date (Saturday) and will fill in Sundays exploits at midnight Sunday night /Monday morning as the editor wants it for Monday 9am at the latest.

I’m hoping to report that I’ve kicked some arse and taken some important scalps in the graders competition on Pokerstars Sunday at 8.30pm (UK) come and rail me, it’s in the private tab and is titled Black Belt poker tournament number 161822927. I’m also hoping that I’ve got some of my losses back, so far this week I am running at a loss of -£134

I also spent some time to check all the other graders usernames out on Sharkscope and this lifts me somewhat, even though I know and we been informed several times that the decision on who makes it wont be based on profit alone. Most of us are hovering on the breakeven point with about 8% of the field well in profit while there is around 15% of the field struggling.