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My Villa Rant.

Check these posts: comments I’ve made over the last 4 months….

24th Jan
“Who said football had cleaned up it's act, is this a bung or what?
Villa - Martin O'Neil goes to Wigan and spends £3 million on a donkey, you could have got all the donkeys from North Africa for that sort of money”

28th Jan
“Villa have a good win down at Portsmouth with Heskey getting Man of the Match after bagging a goal inside 20 minutes on his debut. So am I wrong to label him a donkey, does one swallow make a summer, the jury's out on this one - I'd like to be proven wrong or would I?. Martin O'Neil aint that stupid to squander £3.5m on a has been - so why have we brought Heskey? Am I just anti Heskey cause he's an ex-bluenose, can Heskey ever endear himself to Villa fans? Did Sol Campbell ever become accepted at Spurs? Tell you what, we've got 15 league games left this season, 4 of these games are against Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea & Everton - If Heskey can bang in a total of 12 league goals for Villa by the end of this seasons campaign then I'll buy a shirt for next season with his name on the back.” Looks like I wont be wearing a shirt with his name on now, shame.

26th Feb
“As much as I want the Villa to turn this result around, I think with the depleted squad we will be exiting this cup tonight, My own thoughts are that we should put out our strongest squad available, playing each game as it comes, we should be competing at all levels with our strongest squad at all times, this could come back to haunt O'Neil. Our change of form has only come seen Heskey came into the squad could this be down to unrest with Hesk and big John Carew?”

5th March
“Just what are the Villa up to? Well I thought it was a bad signing at the time, even more so now.. ffs Martin, dump Heskey and stick with big John, so what if he wants to visit lap top dancers, see report here, this was last October - dump Heskey now or our season will be over before we get to the finishing line.

O'Neil claims that tiredness is not a problem, All Villa fans know what the problem really is, you cant have fighting in the dressing room so get rid of the skateboarder now. You've always been a quality manager but for whatever reason you made this signing you need to admit you were wrong and let him go, stop playing him hoping that he comes good, cause he ain't going to....”

23rd March
“I also hear that we are looking at selling Marlon Harewood to the Wolves for around £3.5m, I thought we were struggling for players yet here we are getting rid of someone I consider to be a different much better class of striker than Heskey??? WTF is going on at Villa Park?”

These are the alarming stats since we were flying high, i.e pre Heskey (23rd Jan):

Played 19
Won 4
Drawn 7
Lost 8
The 4 teams we have won were, Portsmouth, Blackburn, Hull & Doncaster (F.A.Cup)
We have also been dumped out of the UEFA and F.A.Cups

These sort of results would have lessor managers getting the sack by now.

We’ve got two games left now, away to Middlesborough and home to Newcastle, Our season is as good as ended with us finishing 6th at worst and we can still play to finish in 5th, whoopee.

I still rate Martin O’Neil as one of the best managers in the Premiership although I question his judgment with the Heskey signing. I hope that 2009/2010 season is good for us and Randy Learner gives Martin some proper money so he can go buy some thoroughbreds rather than some more donkeys. I hope the baggies can turn it round but I got a gut feeling that they’ve left it too late now.

Roll on next season now, Wolves are up as are the Blue nose fuckers so 12 easy points for us next season.


John said...

I must admit I thought it was decent value for money when u bought him with his form and his England performances but from what I've seen he's been awful in a villa shirt

would-be said...

I honestly think that this season was Villa's best chance at breaking in to the top 4.
Next season you'll be back to fighting it out for a Uefa Cup spot.
We've seen other teams do the same. Even my own Spurs a few years ago went in to the final day of the season with the possibility of finishing 4th, then someone linked to arsenal poisoned the players' food and it was all over. Since then, nothing from us.
Everton were right up there a few years back as well, the very next season they struggled to even finish in the top half.
Next season, Spurs to nick 4th spot.

Steve H. said...

Hi John,
Hardly inspriational, first match against portsmouth every ball was being fed through to him and he bags 1 goal in about 12 attempts.
For the rest of the season he's been totally ineffective. John Gregory was right back in 2001 that he (Heskey) travels with a skate board.

Would be, thanks for your comment mate, We totally fucked it up this year, I think Barry, young, Agbonlahor and Carew will all be gone at the end of the season for one reason or another. I cant see us doing any good in the Europa League and a top six finish next year looks beyond us. A grey year ahead and I thought we were progressing.

Gold and Black Angel said...

OMG, the rant I can understand given the performance of your beloved team...but the assumptions already of 12 easy point is a little premature. Let's hope you will be eating your words!

As for WBA, it's good riddance to bad rubbish, rightly giving up their place to teams that deserve to be playing premiership football.

See you at the Molineux!

Steve H. said...

Gold & Black Angel (Andrea)
Nothing premature in believing that we can secure 12 points from the cannonfodder coming into the premiership, the 12 points we secure from you and blues ill help us fight off relegation which is surely where the two of you (Wolves and Blues) will end up ESP if you dont change your manager, McCarthy is not a premiership manager and the word is that your chairman has already lined up Kenny Dalglish for the managers hot seat if and when Mick goes. As for the Baggies you should always want the local teams to do well, unless of course they called Birmingham Shitty....

Gold and Black Angel said...

Forget where your loyalties lie and I forget your tea!!

Steve H. said...

Thats blackmail and stupid!!!

Steve H. said...

I shouldnt really berate Andrea after all it is 15 months old this blog and it's her first comment x