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Getting in some practice for the BlackBeltPoker trials and this aint going to be any walk in the park (not sure who the chick is, but hey 10/10).

Grinded on the 25/50c tables for 2 hours yesterday and for 2 hours today and had 2 consecutive days losing ($120 on Tuesday and $26 today), I was loading up the maximum for each table but quickly realized that other dudes were coming on with their $10 and going for the hit and run and boy did they hit, I must have got my stack in at least 6 times on the turn with my oppo's drawing to a 2-3 outer and hitting.

Today I changed my starting play and only loaded up with $10 on each of my 4 starting tables, at one point after around 40 minutes I was $80 down and struggling but ¾ suckouts got me right back in there – it does seem quite common for the inferior hand once all the cash is in there, sucks out – as if it is meant to be like that.

With not having a fantastic bankroll to play with in the first instance it is going to require me to change some styles of my play say from LA to TAL

Now I just have to work out if I am going to play against the other players and play my game or whether I should factor variance into my equations – anyone got some advice for me?

Got a couple of chores (not whores) to do out in the back garden (although the later would be welcome as well), a chill tonight and some TV poker, some Vodka / Cranberry Juice, early night, then I travel up to Manchester tomorrow for my seat in the GUKPT main event.

Be lucky.



Dave Le Chou said...

see what you mean about that bird steve, she is one fit fox, WOW
Now I would definalty like a walk in the park with her.
Good luck with your grading mate. wouldnt have the inclination to do anything like that myself - fair play to you. NH GG VWP FTW TAKE IT DOWN MATE.

You fat bastard.

Steve H. said...

Hi Dave,
I reckon you'd be last in a very long queue..... you chinky fucker

dougee said...

haha, might see you in manchester too... this is weird!!!

I am going there for the footie though, not the poker

NoCash said...

Just out of interest, what network you playing cash on Steve?

Are you using tools such as holdem manager to track an analyse your play? They are a huge help in plugging leaks in your game. If you aren't but would like some help getting it set up, give me a shout.

Scandalous Housewife said...

I love it when you say 'Black Belt Poker'...

ROSSI said...

are you playing 6-max or full ring/which site, steve? .
are you using a HUD, which might enable you to play a couple more tables?

The varience is mad, i've been grinding 8 tables and some of the beats you take are shocking. It does even itself out though and i think part of being a decent player is not becoming a victim of varience and going on tilt (still working on that one LOL).

I personally feel it is a mistake to sit at cash games without a full buy-in. When varience does even itself out your not maximising your wins by sitting short stacked. I always have auto-rebuy to a full buy-in on all the tables i'm at.

If your going into a hand with a short stacker i think your aim has to be to get them all-in, which i suppose means tightening up your range against them. To change your buy-in preferences because you got sucked out on a few times is a mistake imo. LOL wtf do i know i was playing $2/$4 last year and now i am grinding $0.10/$0.25!!!

hope the grading goes well.

havin_a_laff said...

Not played cash for a while then Steve? FR or 6-max? Buy in for the full stack mate. Just a thought - could you be rushing to get your money in just a tad too much? Can you find a cash game regular to sweat you for a while?

Can't tell you anything about poker but here's my current philosophy...

* TAG is best at micros
* Make sure to punish the limpers
* Make sure you Bet 80% of flops and a lot of turns (unless your'e spidey senses tell you not to).
* Steal the blinds relentlessly on Button and in SB.
* Make good use of your HUD
* Value bet relentlessly against calling stations. Don't rush to fold a river bet when they have shown weakness on flop and turn. Your second pair might even be good!
* Never slowplay a flopped set (learned to my cost).
* To discourage stealers - get your 3-bet defence in as early as possible
* Always try to play in position. Don't bother with tricky UTG raises with 76s n that
* Obv. identify the calling station and get your money in with him. On A high boards - your AK (maybe AQ) will always be good. If you can't spot a fish or two after several orbits (6-max) then find another table
* Quit the table with more than 1 shortstacker (6-max)

This is fun - I could go on on but no doubt you will get better advice elsewhere.

GL with blackbelt auditions

C said...

passionpit - sleepyhead! good luck with the grading mate.

JonnyBCash said...


I have 100,000's of Pokertracker hands at this level if you want them?

Geoff said...

Hi Steve

Having gotten back in to the low stakes cash tables for my Quarter Rolled experiment I too was shocked to find how many short stacks there are playing. Usually bought in for $10 on a $.25/$.50 table they sit and wait for a pocket pair (usually 6's or above)or AK and raise and push. They don't have a stack to play post flop therefore they don't play post flop.

I am trying to put pressure on them pre flop in unopened pots ... and if I get called am prepared to take the usually 60/40 or 70/30 post flop.

If I am raised by them pre flop and I don't have a premium hand then I get out of the way.

The only other point is that generally I look to find tables where there are 2 or 3 other big stacks at the table and try to sit equi distant from them. This allows me to avoid tangling with them other than with big hands these other big stackers can soften up the small stacks and get them pushing with the $5 or $6 that they have dwindled down to which is far less detrimental to your buy in.

There is no point in short stacking you will just be taking your skill advantage out of the game if you do get into a hand with a big stack.

If you don't want to lose your full buy in then just don't get in a pot with the big stacks and put the pressure on the small ones.

So my 3 tips:

Choose your table and position carefully

Target the small stacks

... and patience patience patience

having said all that this method sees me $25 down on the $.25/.50 tanbles after 17 full buy ins and800 or so hands so take the advice at your own risk .... LOL

Good luck

voiceofjoe said...

If you want long term success don't play the Hit and Run game.

Billy (NoMates) said...

Nice chick in the picture mate.
Good luck in Manchester and with your grading.

Up the Leeds

Steve H. said...

Hi Dougee, you def wont be seeing me at the footie as I'm a die hard Villan, gl anyway mukker.
Hi NoCash, I'm using Boylepoker which is a skin of the ipoker as this is the site that Blackbelt will be using till they get their own ipoker skin. Dont use any software at the moment but that will all change on Tuesday when we meet up at the workshop as they want us to use holdem manager and some other peice of software. On a personal level I've always resisted using any software till now, but if it works then we'll give it a go.
Thanks Scandi, "BLACK BELT POKER"
Rossi, Thanks for your advice mate.
A lot of whta you say mate is comonsense and my biggest trait is probably tilting after I've got somebody to commit their stack on the flop or the turn and they hit their miracle cards - I suppose that because I tend to get my cash in - in such good shape then I can only lose the pot from there.
H.A.L Thanks buddy.
All advice is welcome and you cover alot of situations in your current philosophy... will keep you posted on my up's and downs (as I'm sure there will be a mixture of both).
Thanks C.
Thanks Jonny, I might take you up on that if I could muster some time to look at them.
Hi Geoff, Thanks for your tips mate, I'm sure it wont be long before youve got your bankroll where you want it to be.. how's the tan?
Thanks voiceofJoe, I deffo wont be hit and running.
Thanks Billy and up the Villa x

Fenix35 said...

Wow this blackbelt challenge sounds really good. You're game will probably improve a ton as you get some sick volume in too.

Do you know if there will be any more trials in different upcoming months?

Also, here's a snippet of information from a big micro stake-high stakes winner. You might find it an interesting read:


Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Hi Steve,

Try getting a cash player to sweat you for an hour or two over a couple of sessions. Other people are normally better at spotting leaks in our play than we are.

If Boyle is on ipoker I don't mind doing this soon.

gl in Manchester - TID. Actually do a chop with my 10% man!

Steve H. said...

Thanks Fenix,
Have had a read, lets hope that one day I can afford to live on Newport beach as well - very informative mate, thanks.
Thanks for the offer TenBuyIns, Paul King is doing some sweatwork outs with me so I'm hoping this will pay off - No 10%ers to put me off this time ;-)

dougee said...

steve, just 1 question about the blackbelt, is it true if you get the 20k deal and don't cash in the wsop you have to "make-up" that 20k again to them?

Steve H. said...

Hi Dougee,
The way I understand it is (although at this point I havent seen anyhting in black and white)that anyone that gets sponsorship be it a black belt, brown belt or green belt, any tounament winnings will be split on a 50/50 basis after make up, so lets say that you have played 5 tourneys and your make up for these tourneys is say $8000, you dont cash in the first 4 but cash in the 5th for $26000 then the sums would work out:

Income of $26000
Make up of $8000
leaves $18000
50/50 split $9000

you obviously need to be a winning player early on as the make up could soon add up to quite a fair chunk esp if you make Black Belt status and are receieving $10k per month

NoCash said...

Good luck with it anyway Steve. I'm keen to watch your progress as I'm in talks to enter a staking deal for 6-max cash myself. Will be posting graphs etc. on my blog as I go.

Phillipia said...

Good luck with your chores, Steve... ant the grading, whatever the hell that is...