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Well me and Edward got 9 holes in yesterday.
Edwards 12yrs old but can hit he’s drive about 140 yards so I gave him 2 shots a hole telling him that if he beats me I’ll give him a £5 just to keep him motivated more than anything.
The little shit was 2 up after 2 holes so had to pull my finger out, as it was steady Eddy wasn’t so steady and his game collapsed on the 3rd hole, still we had a very enjoyable front nine and then met up with Claire for a walk round Lickey Hills countryside.

72 runners made it to Nottingham for the £20 rebuy sat into Saturdays £300 main event.

I get up to 12500 quite quickly (2k starting stack) but then have a couple of bad beats and suck outs against me putting me down to 1950 so I do a rebuy putting me up to just under 4k.

The pocket kings that cost me so dearly the last time I made the trek over here rewarded me just after my rebuy with a sweet treble up, at the break I had 19k with the ave at 5,500 so I didn’t see the need to do the add-on.

After the break I just play ABC poker and maintain my stack. I get moved tables getting seated next to Craig Owen, my stack quickly goes from 21k down to 11.5k after a couple of missed flops with AK & AQ hands.

I then get moved onto Barry Neville’s table, the first hand I play on here is about 15 minutes after landing here and I raise it up to 1200, blinds at 200/400 Barry then re-raises with another 4k I got pocket 7s, Barry’s got me covered but I know he could have AK-AQ in this spot so I call and get three overcards to my 7s and am forced to fold to Barry’s bet on the flop.

I then build my stack up steadily and eventually when we are down to one more player to go before we all get a seat I have great pleasure in eliminating James Ballentyne who was responsible for knocking me out of the £250 last weekend – revenge is sweet old chap.

Well you’ve only got to look out of your window, see the shit weather to realize that a bank holiday weekend is approaching, I feel for these people that go to work 9-5 all year then it seems that every bank holiday is a wash out for them.

Loads on over the weekend. Obviously I will be over at DTD for the £300 event, The Irish Open will be taking place at the City West Hotel in Dublin where my fingers will be crossed for several of my friends who are making the trip. The Masters will be on the box and The Villa play hosts to Everton on Sunday at 2pm and I would love it if we could stuff them. Sorry Bald.

Emptied and cleaned the hot tub so we will put that on to heat up now so we should be able to use that over the weekend weather permitting.

Name that tune is still in progress so tell me what you would like to hear and I’ll put it on the blog list, thanks to all of you who have already given me your feedback.

Be lucky.


DungBeetle said...

All the best in the DTD deepstack Steve. Normally a chunky first prize on offer.


Steve H. said...

Thanks Jimbo.

Fenix35 said...

Good job with the satelitte, now you have to take down the real thing ;)

Good luck!

Gavin said...

If you can play golf at Rose Hill (The Lickey's) you can play anywhere mate. I live less than a mile away but and it has one of the hardest holes i've played. 2nd or 3rd hole slopes down left to right and then has the pin at the top of a hill (bstrds) :)
My game needs wide open fairways with no trees, bunkers or water and pins with 12" holes. lol

JBallantyne said...

Glad to hear you got so much pleasure knocking me out of the DTD sat- at least someone enjoyed it.
As for the Kings hand in the £250, i just wanted to give a more accurate desciption of what happened so i don't come accross as the complete fish you made me out to be.
You raise to 125 with blinds of 25/50, 1 caller, i pick up 4c5c and flat.
Flops K67 rainbow, you bet 2/3'ish pot, 1 caller, i call (why would i not if i call PF with 45)
Turn comes black 3- i make nuts on turn
You bet, 1200'ish, 1 caller, i raise to 3500'ish. you call, 1 fold.
River- 4, check, push, call.
A horrible spot for you- and very lucky for me. but i didn't raise you on the turn with an up & draw and spike the river- i wouldn't do that to a fellow Villa man.

Anyway genuinly good luck for the £300- don't think i can make it so can't google your Kings again, maybe another time


Steve H. said...

See you there hopefully Fenix.

Thanks Gavin, It's not the easiest of courses but I can think of a few harder that I've had the pleasure of playing. Have a good weekend mate

Thanks for dropping by JB..
I know I'm getting on in my years now but I aint that forgetfull although I have been known to call the missus Kylie whilst making out with her!!! you caught the straight on the river and the raise pre was 175 and i certainly wasnt making you out to be a fish - DTD is reknown for people calling small raises esp at the start of a tounament with all sorts of shit and getting a genourous flop - I have no problems with that - I would call a raise early on with 4 5, why not Quote "I pick up pocket kings utg and raise it to 175, 4 callers and a flop of K67(rainbow) I fire out a bet of 650 into the pot of 875, I get 2 callers with a red 4 on the turn putting two hearts on board now, I fire out 1500 here, first lad folds, I then get re-raised to 4500, I take my time to think about his hand here and the only hand I can put him on is prob ably 89 hearts – anyway after a dwell I flat call resisting the urge to push telling myself I can fold if a third heart comes, A black 3 on the river, I check here with the intention to check raise but my oppo goes all in, I think to myself 45, 58, re-raise on the turn don’t make sense there, I eventually call and he flips 45…."

No suggestion there that your a fish mate, although it felt like a rub down when you ask if I had pocket kings as I leave the table.

Anyway, theres no blood spilt and it's only a game after all (Is it - will some fucker tell my bank manager that) have a good weekend James.

JBallantyne said...

i 100% gaurantee i hit it on the turn- no question about that. And yeah sorry for the question after the hand, got the impression you though it was a rub down but it was definately not my intention. Poor attempt at symapthy i suppose.
Anyway gl at dtd- i'll be keeping tabs online. I'll be at Villa park cheering on the boys, 3 points is a MUST!
see you around