on 10:35

What a glorious day it turned out to be yesterday.

The wheels finally came off my wagon where the golf was concerned.

I played like a total knob.. all the way round on the 16th hole I was 2 down, on the 17th hole I effectively lost the game by going 3 down so being a degenerate gambler I suggested double or quits up the last.

Graham was feeling that confident he said “It’s a par three – I’ll even give you a shot on here as well”, Well both graham and our playing partner John both missed the dance floor with their respective 5 wood shots to the 189 yrds 18th hole, this left a massive target for me to embrace so I told them I was going to cream my 5 iron to the centre of the green and that’s exactly what I did – 12ft from the pin and I lag it up for a par while my other two oppo’s can only manage a 4 at best.

I get a drawn result from a shit days play but as I said in my last post about this frustrating game, a bad days golf is still better than a good day in the office.

I played a few (6) mtt’s last night but failed to get deep in any of them.

Some gardening to do this morning so I better crack on with that.

I am registered to play in the 4pm £250 deep stack over at DTD today and I’m sure there will be loads of Scandies over there – Tomorrow there is a £100 freeze out at Stoke with £1000 added and there is shit loads to qualify for on-line.

Have a good weekend ;-)


EvertonYorkie said...


You still haven't added my blog to your blogrol, any chance of you doing it?



Steve H. said...

Sorry bud, all done now.. Hope we cane you next week ;-)