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Well yesterday was a good day for once reason or another.

I heard from the council that they have a tenant to move into the house from next weekend, we sign contracts next Tuesday so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Chuns brother Pom is on the mend slightly, Although he hasn’t really come round in the last week he is showing signs of improvement and is responding to verbal requests to move certain limbs.

He is also aware of people in the room talking, doctors have said that they are going to take the ventilator off this weekend for a short time to try to get him to breathe for himself.

They have diagnosed that it was a heart attack and not a stroke that he suffered last week and they have said that the heart attack is the lesser of the two evils – Good luck mate; everything is crossed for a speedy recovery for you.

Got all the gardening done over at Michelle’s house and managed to get the swing and slide sorted for Crystal who is 13months old now, I took several pictures yesterday but young ladies of that age don’t respond that well when you ask them to smile for you – she obviously gets it from her mom!!

I had a good chat with my mate Baldy (Robin), I must catch up with him soon – we keep promising to meet up but never do.

Had me hair cut and got Andrea to tone out the Grey stuff that was coming through – told you before, I’m a vain old bastard.

I got some really good news come through about the revamped Gala tour – which is now known as the Coral British Masters Poker Tour, I will publish details later in a further post.

Off for a game of golf and to try and make it 3 out of 3, fingers crossed.

Be lucky.



havin_a_laff said...

Hi Steve. Thanks for the advice - hate to be a cheeky B but if you don't ask you don't get! Glad to see you found a tenant. I own a few flats and know how hard it can be to get one and then get them to pay. About to take a scroat to small claims court for rent arrears. She did a moonlight but I managed to find her new address...lol

Steve H. said...

HAL, your welcome mate. I've had no ends of problems taking people to court, getting them evicted and chasing them afterwards or suing coucils, empty house's, void months, to last me a life time - I'm just pleased that the intrest rate is where it is at the moment as most of my mortgages are now set just slightly above BOE rate, although I feel for the people with +5% fixed rates and are stuck on them. Hope your moonlighter pays up. ;-)

Kev said...

Good luck with the golf Steve,got my 1st game of the year at Rutland water golf coarse 7am tee off gotta dust the clubs down in the garage (hope I didnt leave a bananna in there from november)happened before not nice.How do you find the DTD site was having a look any good?

Scandalous Housewife said...

awww, Crystal is adorable!

Adam said...


Have linked you up on the uea poker soc blog. Sorry it took a while, the last week I've been frantic with exams etc so haven't really been checking the comment moderation bit!

Do you ever play the Saturday £50 freeze at dtd? I'm pretty sure I sat to your left once.


Geoff said...

Hi Steve

I rent mine out through an estate agent and have only had one bad tenant in 5 years or so.

They take about 10% but it is worth it because of all the checks they do.

Good to hear a Gala tour back, another event for me to fail to qualify for ... LOL

Steve H. said...

Kev, Hope the golf goe's better than mine Kev.

Thanks Scan, she gets her good looks from me!!!

Hi Adam, tanks for the link up, I try to play DTD if I'm not playing the circut - If I played like a donkey next to you, then it wasnt me ;-) gl

Thanks for your comments geoff, have a good weekend

shellie x said...

Crystal is most bestest person in world :) an gets her looks from me :) xx

Nina said...

I agree, Crystal is adorable, but she does get her looks from Shellie xx

Steve H. said...

Sheelie & Nina
Well you two would say that... wouldn't you x

Nina said...

You know we are telling the truth Steve, I know how you like to win everything, but you wont win this one!! Sorry x Hope all is well with you and the family, Jordan sends her love too. x