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Day 3 in the Black Belt Poker House.

The day starts quite late, as I didn’t hit the sack till 6am having come back from Walsall quite late.

The laptop gets fired up for the first session 11.30 / 2pm and I play various stt’s resulting in a £16 loss.

I then spend around 90 minutes trying to get a feeling for which software to buy, Pokertracker 3 or Holdem manager, I think by talking to people and listening to peoples views HM is easier to use so I think I’ll go down that route.

Session Two: 16.40/18.40 I fire up the cash tables, with combinations of the standard out draws and me getting tilted after the 4th/5th time I sleep the laptop to get some fresh air and some dinner. I finish the shift -£120.

Chicken Pasta & salad and I give myself a good talking to and so to the 3rd session.

Sticking to the stt’s I plod away from 7.45/11.30 at one point I was £100 on the session but pulled it back and lost just £3 to make an overall loss of £138 for the day, losses to date of £95 so a total of -£235.

I also respond to a request on Blonde from Flushy to share my thought process through a couple of hands that took place during Manchester. I get a few comments from other blondes who obviously don’t agree with my reasoning to one question in particular when I state that I was close to laying Kings down pre flop, If I had put my oppo on Ak or A/rag then I lay my kings down as it was late in the day and almost for my tournament life. I think this will be my hand for discussion next week.


Amatay said...

Folding KK pre, huh? Looking forward to the hand analysis mate. gl with this black belt thing aswell Steve.

Platonic_ said...

hmmm....i put him on AK or A-rag.... i have KK..... I FOLD

wtf you on dude?

they don't call you the live fish for nothing

havin_a_laff said...

Holdem Manager ftw.

What limits you playing cash Steve? 6-max? FR?


Anonymous said...

Steve, I dont know you personally but read your comments on Blonde re the KK hand - and was surprised by them to say the least, you obviously have your reasoning clear in your own head but would be interested to know what kind of an edge you are actually looking for to get your chips in during the course of a tourny - I mean 2/1 fav (KK v Ax) is as good as it gets isn't it?? - what do you consider a good spot if not that?!

Genuinely interested to know your thoughts.


T_Mar (on blonde)

Anonymous said...

No explanation can justify folding KK there. It is utterly retarded to fold it because you think he has AK or an Ace.

Steve H. said...

Thanks H.A.L will bear that in mind mate.25/50 6 max
Thanks Amatay, Platonic, T_Mar, I was simply giving my honest opinion to somthing that happened in the KK v TT hand, when I replied to Karls comment on 24/4/09
"you really need to call quicker with the KK. Why are you asking for a count? Why does it matter that you have 8k left if you lose? Are you ever passing this hand to this action?" to which my reply was "whist I was counting out my stack here I'm getting a feel for if my oppo has AK as I already know by the overraise that he's not holding AA - I asked him if he was beating AK a couple of times and I had a gut feeling that he had somthing like 9s, 10s or jacks - If I put him on AK in this spot I would definatly have folded even knowing that I'm such a firm favorite with my hand, why would I want to rick my tournament at such a late stage of play for someone to get lucky. As it was, if oppo was holding AK he would have sucked out with the ace coming on the turn"

Phil Hellmuth "If it wasnt for bad luck I would win all the tournaments I play"

There's nothing wrong or retarded with laying down the best hand knowing your ahead and looking for a better spot.

rubbish said...

Hi Steve,
How do you know you're going to get a better spot?
All the best with the black belt thing.

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing wrong or retarded with laying down the best hand knowing your ahead and looking for a better spot."


Don't be such a massive nit - to get a big stack in any large tournament you will face big all-in confrontations; you won't get much of a better spot with KK v AK ever. It just isn't justifiable.

John said...

I don't think i've ever folded KK pre-flop

Poolcue Poker said...

How do you graders adapt to 25/50c tables

kev said...

THOUGHTS are like boomerangs....Steve it happens in every game,if you take the long term view is it,s just bad fold.

p.s must start a blog...hate anons put your name up and be counted if you have a valid point.

Got Harrigton on Cash book if you want it Steve.

dougee said...

I have folded kings twice pre, once it was against aces and the other time it was against kings funnily enough

and to be honest, if I had either of them on ak I call. I can actually understand where you are coming from but if you are properly bankrolled then you definately call here. Major tournaments for big $, you are going to need a lot of luck. If I play the wsop I'm still calling here to be honest, unless I know I am beat with kings preflop, I get as much money as possible in there, just my 2 cents

Steve H. said...

Thanks Rubbish, John, Poolcue poker, Kev and dougee.

Poolcue it's fucking hard - almost impossible.

Kev, It's not my long term view mate, it was just my thought process in that particular hand - I agree most times it would be a snap call but at that particular moment that is what I was thinking - I was also thinking back to late on day 2 at Walsall.

Dougee, I'm not bankrolled into any of these events and therefore have to fund these out of my own pocket. I have been dumped out of that many comps with KK v AK/AQ/AJ and AT. If I'm going to get my chips in with KK v one of the marginal hands above then I'd rather do it on 4th street with a higher percentage in my favour. Good luck with the grading mate.

Anonymous said...

If you're not rolled and it's affecting your decision making as negatively as that, you shouldn't be playing that tournament.

Steve H. said...

your entitled to your opinion anonymous, why dont you put yoyr name to your comment?