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Got more stuff to sort over in Telford today.. Hair cut, post, empty house, Michelle's garden and go see my mate Chun.

Took down a smal comp on the DTD site for e270 which means I will be freerolling into their £250 freezeout at the club on Saturday at 4pm Deepstack No Limit 10,000 chips 45 minute clock 2 day event. Cap 180 Open Event.

My day (when I am at home) normally consists of me sitting in front of my lappie, either playing on-line or blogging or reading blogs with skynews on in the back ground - I have been so pissed off the last couple of days watching all this stuff about the G20, the protesters, the politicians and all the crap that goes with it - anyway, I laughed so much yesterday when Sky reporters caught sight of Russel Brand in the group of protesters and tried to do an interview with him, Russel was either off his head on some drugs or a heavy head from the night before as it was about 11.30am or he just wanted this reporter to look a knob.. (I tried to embed the video clip from skynews but for some reason couldn't do it - go to: http://news.sky.com/skynews/video and check out the russel brand interview).
See you later.


havin_a_laff said...

Hi Steve. Nice wee win.

Bit of a simpleton question this but wanted to ask if you had any basic advice about learning to play MTTs? I've got the Harrington books and got a membership with stoxpoker which has some MTT vids. I plan to play a few MTTs at the weekends and maybe play the odd game when playing cash.

Without giving away any trade secrets I suppose my question is what are the one or two key things that make a difference for a donk starting out?

Joppa Road said...

well done on the tourney win.

Newy said...

Hi m8, Well done on ur dtd result and gud luck in the £250. I dont even bother watchin the news anymore, its jus too depressin and frustratin. If me or u were too put a shop window thru or club a copper we get sent to hell yet if its on a protest they seem to get away wiv it some how even tho its there on camera. Cant stand idiot politicians who think they above the law. How can sickos abuse and kill there baby then might get away wiv it cos they blame each other, then someoone gets prison cos their kids skives school or not payin council tax. The law is an ass. Where is the common sense? If u got time and fancy a life in politics we need straight talkin no nonsense leader and u get my vote.... Holden for Prime minister.. Sorry for the rant.. gud luck, be lucky .. C ya soon

Scandalous Housewife said...

What the hell is up with Russell Brand? I can't tell if his weirdness is all an act, or if he really is some crazy mo fo.

The greatest criminal poker mind said...

Your in and linked up. Cheers for the help Mr. Origami. Give me a few more weeks and I might have the Pet Shop Boys playing and a load more fancy stuff like you have. I'm not really that technical but I'll learn. Right - I'll go and have a read of your blog while I munch away before firing up a few $10 STT's.

Steve H. said...

I think it's really difficult to play mtt & cash side by side, to much varience in starting hands and stratagy's. My tips would be to make notes constantly on players who are sat on your table, if you should drop below 15xbb then dont raise to fold, I'm sure your not a donk either. good luck with your game.

Thanks Joppa.

Hi Newy,
Please dont put me up for prime minister, I'm to straight talking and people cant take that, I think you have to be a good bullshitter to be a politician. I'd much rather make a porno with Yvonne Strahovski so if you can put me up for that it would be much apprehiciated.

Hey Scan,
I think Russ was trying to make the reporter look a twat but he certainly didnt make himself look that clever by doing it, perhaps the world is just full of knobs.

Thanks buddy and good luck with you blogging.

C said...

well done on the win mate. take it down!

C said...

dude - you got get the pet shop boys off your jukebox!!! they are so BAD!!

Steve H. said...

Thanks C, I need to put some new sounds on soon anyway, try and do it over the weekend.