on 10:51


I arrived at the Victory Services Club for around half three after a short walk from London Marylebone train Station having decided to leave the car in Brum, The cost of the car park was £16.50 so might have been cheaper to drive into London as the Train ticket was £19 return, anyway,

Having checked in and paid extra for the centenary wing where Mick McCool told me there was FREE high speed wireless available in the rooms, I un-bagged the lappie, fired it up but couldn’t find any wireless signals, I fucked around with it for about 30 minutes, read the welcome pack in the room and it states free wireless internet, messed around for another half hour with no joy so phoned down to reception who informed me that the broadband system as well as the wireless system was down and a man was coming to sort it later today or tomorrow.

I get the Vodaphone dongle out and fire that up, I’m getting a 2g signal and only 2 green bars (this indicates a shit reception) I manage to fire up some stt tourneys on Boyle poker for the BlackBeltPoker (BBP) I manage to play around 30 tourneys at $10 each (£7.50) My opening balance was £227.52 and my closing balance was £135 so a loss for the day of £95.

I then played the DTD £20 rebuy with 50 seats guaranteed for their £330 main event this weekend, 400 runners, I only have to do an add on at the break after 90 minutes as at that point I have around 4000, I play my big pairs aggressively getting myself up to around 12th in chips with around 140 runners left, It makes 61 seats and a bit of cash for 62nd place, I have to go in sit out mode for the last hour after my dongle failed but still made the seat.

We are meeting at the Loose Canon Club, south of the river at 1pm, so some breakfast and a walk round Hyde park if the weather is decent first thing.