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My grading with Black Belt Poker starts today and I have to make my journey to London leaving around lunchtime. I’ve decided to travel down by train as I can’t stand driving in the capital and parking costs in central London take the piss.

I am booked into the Victory Services Club in Marble Arch and am hoping to get my six hours in at the tables later this evening.

The reason for going to London is to attend the first workshop where I imagine, we (everyone selected for grading) will find out a lot more of what’s expected from us and what we can expect from Black Belt Poker.

Mark McCluskey Has left me a message to tell me he’s been selected.

I guess I’ll know a good half dozen or so with Dom Kay, James Keys, Mickey Wernick, Sunny Chatta and James Atkin also taking part.

A massive well done to Dave Maudlin who came 7th in the GUKPT final at Manchester yesterday, I know he will feel greatly disappointed but he will pick himself up and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he takes a biggy down. Congratulations also go out to Surinder, Andy Booth and Kenny Burke on getting to final table and cashing.

1st - £88,630.....Simon Moorman
2nd - £54,380.....Harri Isomaki
3rd - £35,760.....Eddie Lundon
4th - £23,240.....Kenny Burke
5th - £17,280.....Andy Booth
6th - £14,300.....Kevin Holdstock
7th - £11,320.....Dave Maudlin
8th - £8,340.....Edward Roger
9th - £5,960.....Surinder Sunar

Pictured is Simon with his son Chris Moorman (on-line prodigy) and Quentin who used to be the card room manager at Walsall (think he must have been on a dare). Simon hit a two outer on the river on day 2 against Geoff Kimber when they were both around 2nd and 3rd in chips - Geoff hitting a full house on the turn 5AKK (holding 55) whilst Simon caught his miracle card after re-raising Geoff on the turn and then hitting a 6 on the river (holding 66). This was only Simon's 2nd live event, One to watch for the future, perhaps.

I came 3rd out of 22 runners on the Gala network last night, 2 seats guaranteed for Scotland and nowt for the bubble.



Just got to the VSC to be told that the wireless and broadband system is down and they are waiting for a teccy to turn up.

I've got my Vodaphone dongle but only getting 2 bars in the green - not sure that this will hold up for a six hour duel.

Half hour to go till the DTD 50 seats guaranteed for the £300 main event.


snoopy1239 said...

Good to see you in LC, Steve. Let me know if there's anything you need or you decide to give Poker Tracker 3 or Holdem Manager a bash.

Steve H. said...

Thanks Snoops.