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................. ST GEORGE'S DAY...................

Who Was St George?

A respected Roman soldier, St George was executed for refusing to bow down to Roman Emperor Diocletian and denounce his Christian beliefs.

Bestowing all his wealth to the poor, his courage inspired leaders across the world, including King Richard who declared St George as England's patron saint. Henry III announced the Feast of St George should be celebrated on the date of the noble soldier's death - April 23.

So much for the early night.

8.40pm and I decide that I'm going to play a $3 + 30c game of Pot Limit Holdem the same game that the Grosvenor Grand Prix was based on, really enjoy this format but dont get too many chances to play it.

325 runners with $2k guaranteed. It made just under $2,300 I had 2 rebuys and an add-on for a total outlay of $12.30 paying down to 40th spot I have to make the money to get my dosh back.

The latter stages became a bit of a crap shoot untill there was about 12 of us left, then it became a steady game again.

2.15am and I finish a respectable 2nd for $355.26

Off to Manchester now and I'm hoping that I can accumulate enough chips so that I can go back on Saturday in the top 25.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and offered me advice for the grading sessions I will use as much of it as I can - so if I bugger it up I can blame you lot. ;-)

Have a nice day x


Phillipia said...

And a good St. George's day to you; I believe George was a distant half-relative of St. Phillipia...

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Cant even remember what your thread was but cant stop humming 'Hotel California' must be an oldie as cant remember this one!