on 15:57

Just got back from Telford and doing the lawns.

Was hoping that there would be some money in my account from a couple of tenants who are late paying, but no such luck.

I did ask a couple of lads if they wanted to put me into tonights £200 and tomorrows £300 freeze outs with a good rate of return but its a no go ;-(

I have elected to play on Thursday day 1A of the main GUKPT event and hope that I can make another final table, I really need a good result but don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.

Good luck to everyone playing up at Manchester this week unless your in a hand with me.

I gets lots of anonymous comments from many people and I have no problem publishing them as on the whole they are harmless comments. I have one particular stalker though who insists on leaving anonymous messages making slanderous remarks about other players but insists on being anonymous.

This could be because he/she aint got a google/blogger account and don’t know how to get one – your particular comments will not be published without a name next to it, you don’t need an account to leave a comment you just need to highlight the Name/URL where it asks you to choose an identity and then you can put your name where it say’s “Name” as shown in the photo.

I hope that clears up any misunderstandings.

Great weather today so I’m going to get a couple of hours kip in the garden before I grind on-line tonight.

Satellites still running down in Bridgnorth for the 888.com World open to be filmed in October.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Funny you happened to mention "lawns" today, Steve...

ROSSI said...

hey steve, the way you have cut and pasted that photo, it looks like i have written that LOL.

hope it goes well in Manchester this week.

The greatest criminal poker mind said...

I'd be swapping those hats around if I was sunbathing.

GL at the tables in Manchester Steve.

Platonic_ said...

"Hi Steve
I think you're a twat"


Phillipia said...

Good luck in Manchester, Steve.
Like your "lawn" attire:)

Miss Piggy said...

you fucking muppet xxx