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44 runners turned up to contest the £300 + £30 freezeout at the SOL Gala in Northampton, 7pm start 10k starting stack and a 1 hour clock so plenty of play is ensured, £14500 in the pot with it paying down to 7 spots.

A small but friendly card room with seating for up to 80 players, plenty of house games, card room staff, Zak, Ian and co do a great job.

I go down to the felt (3k) in the first half (twice) only to walk into a set on the flop. I manage to get myself back into contention by the first break. 9 levels to play with day 2 being filmed by sky TV with Tikay and Compo (who was also playing) presenting the show. I make it down to the final 12 players but having taken a massive hit when on the bb with the blinds at 1000/2000 there is a raise utg (6 handed) to 4500 (stack of 38000) folds to me and I find pocket 7s in the hole, I’ve got 54k total so decide to try and take it down pre flop with an all in bet putting my oppo’s tourny at risk, he calls and flips over AJ off hitting an ace on the flop, ho hum.

I then get it all in next hand to a raise and a re-raise all in and I find KQ suited in the hole with 15k behind me and a chance to treble up, sadly this is a case of bad timing as I walk myself into QQ and AK and I am swiftly making an exit at 4am for my drive back home.

Villa get a shity draw with the Hammers 1-1 whilst the wolves are back in the premiership for next season, now that will please the missus.


Amatay said...

Up the hammers