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Well the good news is that I got back from Northampton around 4am this morning after securing my seat for the main event tonight for just £10 + £3

2 sets of quads, 2 full houses and a hat full of scalps made easy work for me to get one of the 9 seats up for grabs.

I have also heard back from Black Belt Poker to confirm that I have made the list of 50 selected grader’s for the months trial commencing on 28th of this month – I think this is excellent news and will tell more about that later as I have to dash.

GUKPT Manchester starts tomorrow, at the moment I am just looking at playing on the Monday and Tuesday events.

Be lucky.


Paul (London) said...

Well done on getting your seat at Northampton mate, hope you take it down.

I also applied for the Black Belt trials but didnt get selected, I personally think that Channing has already selected the eight players that he'll take out to Vegas and was considaring withdrawing my application as I jsut think that the whole thing is just a publicity stunt.

Good luck with your grading mate, I hope you make the mark required, if anyone out there deserves sponsorship then you do.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Good luck, Steve! Rock it!

Steve H. said...

Thanks Paul,

I hope to win at Northampton as there is £1000 and a holiday to Gibraltar added for the winner - Mick McCool won his event last year and they added a quad bike.

I understand what your suspicions about Black Belt Poker and pre-selected candidates already being chosen. I imagine that there will be a level of transparency involved and there is certainly a given criteria for people to follow in order to make the grade.

My only concern for the months trial is the "profit" criteria as no one knows how good or bad you can run over a given period. I have no worries about the other measures, as I know I can for fill Black Belts expectations.

Any form of sponsorship nowadays has to be grabbed with both hands, as there just aren’t the deals going now that were around in days gone by.

I think Neil and Co have enough funds behind them that they can pay for whatever publicity they need to get this venture off the ground and don’t need to pull stunts to get people to play on their site.

The trial period of this grading is being run on Boyle Poker of which most of my readers will be aware I am already a player so I have absolutely nothing to lose by doing this grading and therefore will give it my best shot.

My goal is obviously to make Black Belt status (long term) and to get $10,000 per month for live play as well as a ticket for this year’s WSOP and some side events.

Thanks for your concerns though Paul

Steve H. said...

Thanks Scandalous, Have a good weekend x

havin_a_laff said...

WP and Good Luck Steve.

dD said...

linked you up .... or did i already say that ?