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Lets hope with all the public support and sympathy that was shown yesterday with regard to the 96 lives lost at Hillsborough that the families will finally get some justice and get some explanation (not that they need one) and some apologies from the authorities that need to hold their hands up.

Paula Jones (above) got the sack last night from Sir Alan Sugar even though the other team leader was non existent in his task, surely he should have a "commonsense" rule where he can sack who he likes - when he likes so long as he gives a reason - I thought Paula was one of the more attractive ones on there and was hoping she would be around for longer than she was, shame.

Michelle and Crystal came over for a couple of days on Tuesday, Crystal is starting to find her feet now and you can't keep her still. She is now 13 months old.

This evening I am heading down to Northampton to play a satellite for the Northampton Hold'em Masters being held at the Gala Casino this weekend:

17th & 18th April
Northampton Hold’Em Masters
£300 + £30 No Limit Freeze Out. 1 Hour Blind 10,000 Stack.
£1000 and a Short Break for 2 in Gibraltar added by Sol Central.
Qualify for as little as £13 in House and Free On line.
In House Dates – 12th, 13th, 15th & 16th April.
Online Dates 24rh & 31st March. Also 7th & 14th April.

Paul King ensures me that the play is as soft as shit down there - I hope so mate.
Name that tune still going so let me know what you want to hear on here, thanks