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Should have, Would have, Could have....

That's all I've been hearing now not just from my friends, mates and fellow players but also from myself, Well if only hindsight was a physical object I'd be sitting here today some £85k better off.

My mate decided to ask me when we were down to 2 tables on the Saturday Night with 1 level to play - "I have got a percentage of you ain't I mate?" I say "Yes" "how much was it, I've forgotten" he queries, "20%" I say, "why you need to ask me that - you think I'm going to stitch you up?" I ask - "No nothing like that, I just forgot" says he!!!! Well wtf mate - If you were a mate and you read the fooking blog you would have known that you had a percentage, read Friday 13th Feb post. Thanks mate, NH GG WP. Well guess what, no more percentages if one question can send you on semi tilt, out of the zone and into a state of questioning yourself when your supposed to be concentrating on the game in hand.

I go back with my bowl of rice waiting for a good spot, I find AK suited on the sb with a raise to 30k from Aaron Barry, I push, He calls with 99, a 9 on the flop seals the deal so now it's back to reality.

A massive well done to Sunny Chattha who eventually beat Jo the Joker Gresh heads up to take the Walsall title and almost £90,000 in readies..

I am over to Telford today to inspect one of my properties that should have been vacated yesterday.
Satellites over at Bridgnorth tonight for the 888.com world open later in the year, also on line sats on DTD for the 321 weekends main event.


JonnyBCash said...

Great effort. I'm really pleased for you.

Dom said...

Hiya steve. Well done on your finish mate. You win the flip on ft and you're back in it. Ruddy flips. Great performance by u bud. See you soon.

Btw, feel guilty about the percentage question, think i asked him if he had one-he clearly didn't remember, crse he trusts you, he just forgot.

From sound of it, you were just very ul near the end saturday mate. but seriously u played great.

Fenix35 said...

Hard luck, it always sucks to loose those massive races at the end.

Steve H. said...

Thanks for all the best wishes, they are all greatly aprechiated. I had many texts during the game and shortly afterwards due to my blog and the coverage mainly on AWOP and thenutstv.co.uk and also blonde. It's times like that - that you can apprechiate the power of the media.

With respect to the percentage question though Dom it could have waited till the end of the day and not as I was walking back into the card room, I'm not looking for excuses or trying to hang someone, we had an agreement on Fri 13th and he was also reminded of this when I paid him from my cash at Broadway when I paid him after I got back from Ireland.

I've been accused in the past of betting to cheap on the flop and allowing people to catch up on the turn, on reflection I overplayed both hands both pre + post flop with the dilema of having too much in both pots and very little fold equity on both occasions if I am right about the hands that my oppo is holding.

Looking forward to DTD now though. ;-)

TEAMDOBB said...

well played mate well pleased for ya and next time

Anonymous said...

good to see you know where you went wrong, i was following on the live thread and felt you played a couple of hands poorly when you really should of consolodated your position as one of the chippies.But you always need a bit o luck to win these things which you never got. your music selction is nearly identical to my i-pod too. classy stuff. i would edit your blog if i were you though as it looks pretty sad blaming your demise on the % question imo. good luck.

Steve H. said...

Thanks Anonymous for dropping by and for your comments although
"i would edit your blog if i were you though as it looks pretty sad blaming your demise on the % question imo" I think you must have mis-read what I have said as I havent blamed my demise on that question and therefore dont see the need to edit my post. Thanks anyways...

Anonymous said...

Unlucky Steve. Well played mate. A big win is around the corner Im sure.

Regarding that % remark, Tony Di snake probably knew all along. Just 1 of his stupid fkin mind games. No wonder everyone thinks hes a tosser and a back stabbing snake, always acting Mr Innocent.
anyway Rant over
well played again

Steve H. said...

I'm not aware of what everyone else thinks. Tony is a mate and always will be but was insenseitive as to the timing and the importance of the question at that time of day.

Thanks for your best wishes.