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PartyPoker Womens World Open lll

To be filmed in May (Sun 24th – Weds 27th).

Limited spaces available (first come first served)

1-2 TV packages available depending on runners.

If your feeling flush and got $3k to spend then you can buy directly into this event, give us a shout and I'll give you some contact details.

If your feeling the credit crunch, not got $3k spare, then get down to Bridgnorth on Tuesday 12th May. Qualify for just £150 with 100,000 starting chips and blinds starting at 1/2k and 30 minute blinds.

The address of the pub is: Black Horse, 4 Bridge Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV15 6AF with parking available at the rear of the pub accessed via Severn Street car park.

Mad Marty and spivver over see the games and they are all dealer dealt.

Freezeout qualification taking place at Bridgnorth on Tuesday 12th May.

£150 entry into a $3000 TV package where 36 women will battle it out for a 1st prize of $50,000 from a prize pool of over $100,000 PACKAGE DETAILS AS FOLLOWS:

Broadcaster Five
Buy-In $3,000
Total Players 36
Total Prize Fund $108,000
Structure 6x 1st Round Heats consisting of 6 players in each heat
1x Runners up heat
1x Final Heat consisting of 7 players

Prize Money Breakdown
Winner $50,000
Runner Up $20,000
Third $12,000
Fourth $10,000
Fifth $8,000
Sixth $5,000
Seventh $3,000

Filming Dates am / pm
Sun 24th May – Heat 1/Heat 2
Mon 25th May – Heat 3 / Heat 4
Tues 26th May – Heat 5 / Heat 6
Wed 27th May – Runners up heat (morning)

Final Filming Date Wed 27th May – (afternoon)
Filming Venue The 3 Mills Studios, London
Accommodation (1 night inc) Waltham Abbey Marriott

You can obtain further infomation from Beiju (Poker Operations Manager) if you email: beiju.patel@matchroom.com

The Celebrity heat has now gone and Matchroom have introduced a Runners Up heat. The final will now be seven handed, I’m sure players would feel there is a little extra value in having a second chance of getting to the final.

The freezeout in Bridgnorth is going to be in high demand so book early to avoid disappointment.

Steve Holden on 07891 984 305
Spivver on 07877 221 671



Yorkshire Pud said...

Steve, in your honst opinion, is there a need for a women's only tournament in any way shape or form?

I know a lot of the big name professional women boycot the women's only game at the WSOP as they find it condesending towards females.

I can see pros and cons for having such an MTT but wondered what you thought.

Steve H. said...

My missus hates them, she thinks that they are worse than mixed tables with women mainly sitting there talking about fashions, schools, diets and all that sort of crap she says "she'd rather play with the boys" listening to them accidently swearing and then saying "sorry darling" and having them bluff her cause she's a bird... In my own honest opinion and having been to a few women only events as a spectator or a dealer you do get some women turn up with their friends who would never dream of going to a casino or a pub and playing in a mixed game as they feel intimidated by male players - if this is making the game accessable for players who would normally avoid the game for whatever reasons then it has to be a good thing. on a side note though: how would the women react if a real life Haley Cropper turned up to play, would they then boycott the game, I live in Cheslyn Hay and the local ladies darts team recently have been axed from the Cheslyn Hay women’s league supposedly cause one of them was a bloke.. see link http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/