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Dusk till Dawn Final day.

Having deleted the wrong note page out my phone book I'm unable to give you my chip counts at the end of each level. From what I can remember though around level 10 I got moved to the front table with around 60k, I am on the bb for 800/1600 when there is a raise to 3400 from the button. I call with KJd call mid position as well, Jack high flop with 1 diamond so I've got part of it, c/c/5k call, call 7d turn so I bet out 10k here, fold/call rag on the river, check/check and he flips aces!!! I'm back down to around 40k. I then build this up to around 56k same level folds to c/o who limps for 1600, I limp in the sb with 5 6 hearts, the bb then makes it another 3k c/o calls as do I, flop comes 5d 8h 4s check/5k/5k I also call the 5k 9h on the turn, I check bb bets 7k calls I then shove for around another 39k, bb goes into the tank for an eternity and I'm now putting him on an overpair, he eventually makes the call then the c/o folds. I have a few outs when he flips over his 2 red kings, Jh coming on the river to put me up to around 135k.

I then lose a few with QQ v 88 (27k) pre flop also AK v A7 (16k) 7 on the river.

I then get my BB nicked and the same player goes to nick my sb, I have a little bit of banter with him while it's folding round to me when I squeeze 2 red kings, blinds at 2k/4k with a raise to 24k so I think for a while and I make it 64k to go leaving myself around 32k behind me, I have the initial raiser just covered, he elects to flat call me (I now put him on aces), whilst he is putting his chips over the line I push the rest of my chips up to the line, flop comes king high, I think for a while then I decide to push the remainder of my stack over the line getting an instant call from QQ, no help on turn for my oppo as the board pairs to give me a boat and I'm up to over 245k.

I then get moved onto Barry Neville's, Lawrence Gosney and Paul Newmans table having my blinds nicked for a couple of orbits and getting re-raised a couple of times saw my stack go down to around 140k within the next 90 minutes. I then get moved again when we became 18 players left. I go card dead for some time with all pots being raised and even re-raised before getting round to me.

I lose a pot to Colin young when it folds round to me on the button blinds 4k/8k I raise it to 28k with A9c, Colin on the sb goes all in for another 28k, bb folds so I have to call 28k into a 92k pot, i hoping he's got a middle pair, I am gutted when he turns over AKo I hit 2 pair but so does Colin. This puts me down to 70k ish, I get back up to 120k blinds at 5k/10 raise on c/o to 30k Steve Jelinek on the button then makes it 80k, I'm on the BB for 10k, I find 10/10 in the hole, this is the hand I feel I should have played as I was putting Steve on a middle pair here also I felt that the initial raiser was going to fold, which he did. I also folded. I paid for another couple of orbits when on my next sb I find AQo with a raise to 30k utg (we are 7 handed) Paul Newman goes into the tank starts chatting to initial raiser telling him that he's got AQ, the initial raiser looks uncomfortable with this, anyway - Paul folds so I shove all in, folds to raiser, 116k total to call me
from his stack of around 150k, he eventually makes the call with 99 hitting a straight on the turn to send me out in 15th place, another cash and another door knocked on........
Well done to both Paul Newman and Colin Young who both came back from being shortstacked with around 18 players left to cash 6th and 1st respectfully.

1 Colin Young £30,761 (pictured)
2 Hassan Irfan £17,984
3 Dipak Makawana £10,790
4 Steve Jelinek £7,572
5 Lawrence Gosney £5,679
6 Paul Newman £4,259
7 Frazer Beattie £3,313
8 Peter Renkel £2,366
9 Gurpreet Nagi £1,893
10 Darren Shallis £1,325
11 Rab Bain £1,325
12 Jesper Persson £1,325
13 Matthew Tandy £1,325
14 Alistair Carins £947
15 Stephen Holden £947
16 Daniel Shelemy £947
17 Steve Vine £947
18 Allan Mclean £947
19 Kate Langshaw £600
20 Nichiei Hicks £600
21 Tania Narine £600
22 Harprit Singh Gurnam £600
23 Barry Neville £600
24 Gerald David £600
25 Nicolas Mclellan £600
26 Morteza Assadi £600
27 David Mundle £600
28 Vasileios Kontogiannis £450
29 David Stratton £450
30 Lloyd Griffiths £450
31 Michael Osborne £450
32 Gary Orme £450
33 Andrew Murphy £450
34 Christopher Bruce £450
35 Ole Christian Olsen £450
36 Andrew Kent £450
Andrea also cashed after getting deep in the £150 freeze out eventually going out with AQ v 55

£150 + £15
Starting Chips: 5000
Total Entries: 184
Total Prizepool: £27,600

1 Richard Hawes £8,970
2 Trevor Pearson £5,244
3 Gary North £3,146
4 Stephen Whiddett £2,208
5 Sunil Mistri £1,656
6 Andrea Gough £1,242
7 Brendan Garry £966
8 Julian Davies £690
9 David Outterside £552
10 Nicola Licciardi £386
11 Neil Godfrey £386
12 Alwyn Van Haazel £386
13 Bernard Gabriel £386
14 Johan Forsberg £276
15 Paul David £276
16 Jed Tribe £276
17 Adrian Lambe £276
18 Anthony Clancy £276



newy said...

Hi Steve, good playing DTD with you yesterday, shame we couldnt have both gone a little closer to the big money, maybe next time. Just thought leave a comment congratulating you on recent results and your blog which I only just started to follow. Very proffesional,didnt know you had it in you.. lol. I will prob like to try my luck in a sattellite over b,north in near future so need some info soon if that ok with you. I know there some very good players over there so hopefully to play will improve my game and i wanna learn. Anyway congrats once again and hope to c ya on final table soon.. cheers Paul Newman (slightly chubby bloke-plays walsall)

Gavin said...

Linked up mate. Gl

Steve H. said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your very welcome comments mate. Details about satellites down at Bridgnorth appear above this post. The sats over at Bridgnorth are great value and the deeper you get they can get very exiting with luck playing a major factor in the final stages when they inevetibally becoming a crap shoot but having said that they are great fun and the lads and lasses that go over there all enjoy themselves with plenty of banter going on.

Thanks for the link up Gavin and welcome to the blog mate - hope to see you in the premier next season to give us 6 easy points ;-)