on 14:45

Went over to Telford first thing this morning to see some prospective tenants.
From what I can gather they are on the emergency housing list as their home is being repossed with the bailiffs coming next Tuesday to turf them out.
I'm in the kitchen and I can hear them talking to their housing officer, "I'm not certain that we wanna live this side of town" "the five year old is really settled in at school now and we dont want to move her" "All of the wifes friends live the other side of town and none of them have a car to visit her"....Oh well. Just have to keep looking.

Went to the ball pit with Michelle and Crystal for a bit of lunch. (thats me with the big ears at the back lol)

May play the £25 F/O at Walsall this afternoon, theres another 3 seats guaranteed on DTD tonight in the £15 rebuy.