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Went to Telford yesterday to see the state of the vacant house, for the first time ever, spotless - I don’t have to do anything. So a few phone calls to see if I can get some people in it before I give it to an estate agents who will charge me a fee for finding a new tenant. People looking for 5 bed houses are few and far between.

I had dinner with my daughter Michelle, grand daughter Crystall who is ONE on Saturday and also bumped into a few faces that I hadn’t seen in a while.

I get a few texts and phone calls reminding me of how close I was “you didn’t need to play that last level” “ you could have gone home at the end of level 17 and come back as chip leader on Sunday” “you could have passed your way to final table and chip daddy”, well I’m not sure about the last remark, to be honest we will never know.

If you include the last hand where I raised to 55k then passed K3o when James put me all in then admittedly I played three hands badly over an 18 hour period, unfortunately for me they were all closely together, at a crucial part of the competition in the last hour of day 2s play. No one knows how much winning meant to me, how aggrieved I am within my head, how close I was to my goal and now on reflection I let it all flitter through my fingers with three crazy hands.

Well the flip side of the coin is that I have got to move on from this experience and I will, I could have got lucky with the hands against Sunny and Aaron and have gone back with 1.4 in chips with everyone saying “well done mate”, but I didn’t. This was an expensive lesson but one that I will harvest in my head forever, I will get over it so keep them messages coming – I had a 20 minute phone call with Mick McCool, he said that not many people would be able to learn from this as they would be shattered mentally but he felt that it was an experience that if anything would make me a stronger and better player. I aint going to hide from my mistakes and thanks for the encouragement.

I ventured over to Bridgnorth last night for the £35 sat into a £350 freezeout final for a TV seat in the 888.com world open to be filmed later in the year (October). I played quite aggressively early on re-raising in the cut off with 7 5 suited completely missing the flop but pot betting the 2 aces on the flop to pick up some gambling chips after my oppo folded Js.

I call a min raise from Steve and I know he’s got aces or kings with Q2o in late position as the previous board read Q22Q5 so I figured I might get lucky with the shit hand, flop comes QQ3 bb mucks, then Steve bet 14k leaving himself 26k so I know he’s not folding, I tell him that if he’s got the queen the he’s ahead and I re-raise him another 14k, he insta goes all-in, I call the extra 12k, “Aces” he says, I say “your behind” flipping the Q2, “I did say you were ahead with the Queen”, he taps the felt saying “nice trap” No ace giving me a nice little pot.

I eventually get heads up with Anthony who has a tight range of starting hands but is fairly predictable in his betting patterns, He raises my bb 7k/15k up to 40k, Q9o in the hole, 550k in play with me holding around 300k, I flat call, 9cJd4c check/ ant bets 50k/call, 4d turn, check/Ant bets 110k here leaving himself just 50k, I think he’s missed his draw here, telling him that I’m only beating a bluff, I put him all in, he doesn’t like it but says he has to call and turns over KT, I need to avoid a K or Q to get my final seat and the dealer rivers a J for my higher 2 pair.

Spivver also gave me some details for the Ladies open satellite to be held soon, I’ll have the details up later today or tomorrow, this will be a £150 freezeout for a TV seat, I pay for Andrea to enter even though she hates going on TV and insists that she wont play!!!

I then trap over to Walsall getting there with 2 minutes to spare getting in as an alternate for the £35 DC freezeout. After the break I’m out within 5 minutes when I re-raise with A 10 clubs to 2100 Craig Wildman’s initial raise to 600 (100/200) he pushes all-in and its another 2k for me to call, on our backs and he flips QQ, 2 clubs on the flop with a 78 to offer me some hope but no miracles on the turn or river. Down to 1200-I pay the blinds when on my button Conn raises to 700 in the cut off, I go all in for the extra 200 with Qd 10d Conn calls flipping KJ hitting his K on the flop.

On my way out I slip a score into the auto roulette machine, one spin later I’m up to £175 so I hit and run having had a free nights entertainment.

Just had a phone call to say I’ve got a viewing at 10am tomorrow at the house over Telford, if they like it they want to move in straight away, Great, fingers crossed….

On-line tonight for a seat for DTD 8pm £15 rebuy.



Anonymous said...

great blog steve!

Rosie said...

Cute pic

Steve H. said...

Thanks for the compliment on the blog.

Thanks rosie for the comment cute pic, was you looking at one of mine at the time? ;-)

Geoff said...

Well played Steve

Keep it going ....

Great Blog.

Geoff said...

Well played Steve

Keep it going ....

Great Blog.

Ant040689 said...

I hate when family and mates remind you of what could have happened. Same happened to me on a final table at the cpc with will hill in november when i was second in chips and ran a massive unnecessary bluff against the chip leader and went out in 7th for $1400 when first was $10000. My dad kept saying why did you do that for, you know how much more 6th was, even 1st! And i was like shut the hell up what good is that you saying that to me! lol You will learn from it. I learnt to cherish the moment and realise the opportunity may not come again any time soon so don't play nonchalantly. Deffo learn more this way than if you won the tournament but i guess you would rather have not learnt the lesson! :)

Steve H. said...

Thanks Geoff and Ant.

So long as I dont make te same mistake again then I feel it will be a valuable lesson.

In the meanwhile it's back to the drawing board. ;-)

Amatay said...

Good post and good blog m8

Anonymous said...

Love The Pic Of Ur Beautiful Grandaughter!! Who On Earth Could Have Created Gorgeous Thing Like Her? Oh Yeh Me!!! xxxx Love You Dad Love Shellie An Crystal XXX