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Well the lighter evenings are here now, the suns out for a short while and all the neighbours have got their lawn mowers on the go so we will be no exception to the rule.

Just the fact that the evenings are brighter gives you something to feel good about - doesn't it?

Satellites are on tonight down at Bridgnorth for the 888.com world open and there are on line sat's every night this week for the £300 main event at DTD.

Played a few games over the weekend but not doing anything of any note in them.

A massive well done to Martin Silke who took down the final table at the GUKPT yesterday, coming back for the final day 2nd in chips, grabbing a well deserved heads up victory against local Londoner Luke Trotman.


Bossanova21 said...

I dislike mowing the lawn ever since one of them blew up on me and left my hand black with soot

Well the whole thing didn't blow up, just the bit where they wire connects with the actual lawnmower, it must have blown a fuse or something.

Scandalous Housewife said...

I'm so getting in the mood for summer time!

havin_a_laff said...

Hi Steve. Fwiw - don't rush to cut the grass just yet. Let it get a couple of inches growth at least. That way you avoid the brown patches and get nice, uniformly green grass. Try it. Don't worry what the neighbours think! Cheers.

Amatay said...

Pet Shop Boys????? Sighhhh

Joppa Road said...

I do love smell of freshly cut grass in the summertime. The PSB's new song is pretty good btw.

alex said...

I have no grass cause my bitchy kids destroy it every year !!