on 15:15

Went to the pictures last night to see the film "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage although I fell asleep for the first 20 mins (too many late nights) I soon got back into the film - gets an 8/10 from me.

On leaving the Cinema we get in the queue at the drive through for some KFC for Edward as he has stayed at home after playing out with his mates. There are about 10 cars in this queue and we are there for about 20 minutes, I do not see any order point on the way in - neither does the car in front or behind, anyway we approach the window and this bird hangs out and says to me "you aint used the order point" - "didnt see one" was my reply, "I cant take your order here as it throws the system out for people who have ordered properly" she says, "so you aint taking my order after I been sat in your queue for 20 minutes now" - "No chance, sorry" she says and shuts the window on me, wp,nh and fu. I took my business to McDonalds. The voice box was behind on of thier advertising boards so nice one KFC

(Kant Fucking Compromise).

I then settled into the $20 deepstack on Boylepoker with $1000 guaranteed and lasted 15 minutes flopping a full house holding JJ and on a flop of JKK all the money flies in the middle on the turn of a Q and my opp flips K9 and he spikes a Q on the river - oh well I then reg for a couple of $4 tournies on stars that I get deep in and cashing in both of them for just under $100 each.

On Tv was a film called The Getaway, The Getaway is a 1994 remake of the 1972 film starring Steve McQueen. The movie stars Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Michael Madsen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jennifer Tilly and James Woods.

Married couple Doc (Baldwin) and Carol (Basinger) McCoy drink beer and shoot at empty tin cans in the desert. Carol tries out several handguns and decides she prefers the bigger .45 caliber autoloader. Rudy (Madsen) arrives on a motorcycle and proposes the three break a fourth person out of jail in order to gain a $300,000 payment, (which the three would ostensibly split between them). The job turns out to be a doublecross, however, and for the remainder of the film, the McCoys are on the run from the mob boss who got McCoy out of jail, Travis, and the law.

My sort of film to be honest esp with Kim Basinger in it. This was the first Movie I had seen with Jennifer Tilly in and brought back fond memories of Bristol Dec 2007 GCBT Grand Final when she was sat opposite me for 4 hours doubleing me up a couple of times, I think she was facinated with my ole blue eye's.

£10 rebuy at walsall this afternoon for the £200 freezeout tomorrow and tonight there is a £30 DC Freezeout down at the Broadway

Clocks go on an hour tonight..... even less sleep, Be lucky.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Scandalous Housewife said...

I was wondering how the old pic of Tilly related to what your post was about!

Quirkyloon said...

I've been wondering about that movie. 8/10 not a bad review.

I still haven't seen Gran Torino. I've heard it's a great movie.

I heart Clint Eastwood.

Steve H. said...

I prefer Basinger thou Scand.

I want to see Grand Torino too

Yorkshire Pud said...

The KFC near me is fucking shocking. No matter what time you go there is never any chicken ready, even more so at lunch or tea time when I am sure they just bin whatever they have cooked so 40 people are stood around like sore dicks in their scruffy "restraunt".

Its a pity I'm a fat bastard who loves chicken or I wouldn't go back!

Phillipia said...

Make that 3 that want to see Gran Torino - I with ya Quirkyloon on Clint Eastwood.

Steve, my son works at a local KFC, I will have to remember to ask him where their order point is...I have missed those a time or two at other places, but was forgiven and served anyway...even if not graciously:)