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I made it over to the empty house and got messed about by some non-existent viewers.

Claire (my eldest) came over for dinner with me, Andrea and Edward although I didn’t have a lot of time with her as I had to be at the Broadway for the £150 freezeout. I was messing about updating my tom-tom as Claire had warned me that it was sending her in completely the wrong direction – I hadn’t updated it since I got it 14 months ago and there was something like 78 updates!!!! As well as installing a dominating Darleck voice to give me some commands when I’m on my travels – there was also a Donald Duck but didn’t think Andrea would see the funny side of that one.

I drop Claire in Wolverhampton for around 8pm getting to the Broadway for about 8.30pm. They used to serve their buffet in the first break around 11pm but now serve it at 8pm before the comp starts.. I enter the casino and there’s hardly anyone in there, Dave Mobbs is in the registration area and on checking there’s 6 booked in and it starts in 25 minutes, I’m starting to think this is a waste of time, at ten to nine there are 18 booked in with a few hanging around waiting to see if any more turn up.

I book in as does Mobbsy and Adam Wilkinson (Wilko), they manage to get 30 runners and 3 tables for the off and a further 10 runners come just after the start so they start another table around 10 minutes into the comp.

By the end of the 3rd level there’s 45 runners and £6750 in the pot paying down to 5th spot. 8000 in starting chips and just 33 left at the break with an ave of 11500 while I’ve got 21500 after Conn gave me an early double up when we both flopped a straight on a 678r flop 2 urn and a K on the river when all the chips fly in, Conn has 45 while I’m holding 9 10

I fold pocket 9s on the sb when there was a raise utg+1 to 1250 (blinds 200/400) Wilko +4 re-raises all in for 11500 total, he had pulled this move a couple of times and I’m putting him on AK/AQ range here, I count my stack and I’ve got 24k, utg+1 has around 16k so I decide to fold here because of the presence of the utg – utg calls with 88 while Wilko flips AK and hits, board comes A 10 9 5 9 ;-( a 25k pot I let slip

A few orbits later with the blinds at 300/600/25ra I’m utg with AK spades so I pump it up to 3k gets to seat 5 and he makes it 7.5k from a stack of 21k folds to me and I’m thinking flat call the extra 4.5k then I remembered Walsall so decided to push preflop hoping my oppo would fold a middle pair or AK/AQ, he snap calls and I know I’m in trouble now – he’s got KK flop comes ACE (yes I think – he’s got one out now) 8 KING (shit) brick brick and I’m down to 4.5k – if I flat call pre then its still the same outcome. Next hand I’m on the BB, folds round to Wilko c/o+1 who raises to 3800 folds to me so I shove blind hoping that I’m live, Wilko reluctantly calls the extra 350 and flips 84o saying “you ahead” I flip 69o board comes Qh 5c 2c Qc 10c Wilko’s 4 is the only club so eliminates me in 21st position.

Called in to my mates (Chun) who I used to train with (kickboxing and boxercise) when I was living over that way and he’s making arrangements for his 40th on April 18th. He gets a call from the hospital while I’m there to tell him that he’s bro (Pom – who hasn’t been well for the last six months or so with his foot) has been taken onto an intensive care ward and is hooked up onto a life support machine. Chun gets over there and the doctors tell him that he’s either had a stroke or he’s slipped into a coma – but for today they want leave him hooked up so he can get some rest..Pom mate, get through this battle – we’re thinking of you and your family buddy.



Redcar said...

Hi Steve, I';ve added your link to my blog, if you want to return the favour.
Best of Luck to Pom.

Steve H. said...

Thanks redcar, good to have you as a reader. GL

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Hi Steve,

I don't think you let the 20k pot slip away as the 99 fold was 100% correct imo. 23 off and you should be pushing though :P:P

You also have sick bad luck running AK into KK and seeing these sick AKx flops it seems! One question though if you don't mind sharing your secrets..why open to 3000? Surely 2.5/3xbb's>>5bbs no?

You in the Vic at any point over the next few days?


Steve H. said...

Alright Cos,

It's so easy to rue the ones that got away and it was the correct fold with a player behind me.

This deja vous effect with the AK at the moment seems to happen to everyone. We all seem to get a particular hand which is usually lucky for us and then we just train crash it regually over a short period of time to the point where you look down to the hole, find the carnage and dump them pre.

2.5/3xbb would def have been the correct raise and I'm still not sure I get away from it pre if he just mins or 1.5 x my raise I'd probably still flat call there and get burned on the flop. I actually made it 5xbb as there were 3 calling stations on table that was calling any 2 - 4 x bb raises.

Out with the missus tonight to take my mind off the Vik as I wont be down there due to funds and roll. I will possibly opt to play the £200 freezeout at Walsall on sunday however. Have a good weekend mate.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Poor Pom! Send him our love...


Kev said...

Hi Steve,good blog keep it up read it on a regular basis.Hope your mate pull through ok.
UL with the 1 out.Kev

Riff Dog said...

Tough breaks. But I must say, this is fascinating stuff.