on 09:27

I had an early night last night as the missus is still pissed off with me over the quad 2s, it didn't help that we went out for a pub meal last night and I told her that duck wasn't on the menu.

Still waiting to hear if this family are taking the 5 bed over in Telford, They said that they wanted it straight away but then their present landlord started kicking off that he wanted notice from them even though he's been harassing them, (sounds a bit dodgy to me) anyway.

I played the $10 $50k guaranteed on Pokerstars last night finishing 208th from 3388 starters with ukgatsby finishing 35th, I also played the new software of dtd and was not impressed having done 2 rebuys and not even making the add on.

I seen this new software advertised spotify .com (click here) on the news channel this morning, "the next big thing after ipod", downloaded the stuff but cant get it going so will persevere with it..

£150 freezeout at the Broadway tomorrow night so might play that instead of going to London Vik tonight.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for coming by my blog. One of the characters on ScandalousHousewife, "Budd Foxx", is actually on the Poker Tour in the US. I'll have him check you out!

The Lush Ess said...

hey there...wandered over from my blog to yours...tub is still plugged, but waiting...

I am so clueless that I've been wondering why my computer was playing music all of a sudden! Took me a few moments to realize it's yours...love it!

Haven't followed poker...more of a poke-her follower, but I'm a follower now...

Venom said...

Dear Steve,
Thanks for dropping by Venom, Secrets, & Lies.

I've given your blog address to my husband & I've no doubt he'll be a keen follower as he's also a card player, a golfer, and an athlete.

As for me, while I find you QUITE handsome and I do love a man with an accent, I have no passport and both of us are currently married to other people. I see no future for us save heartbreak Steve, and rather than pine for you I think it's best I leave my husband to become your friend instead.

Besides, I have my hands full fending off Adam T. Elvis...

I will absolutely understand if you cannot bear to visit VSL anymore; I'm sorry it didn't work out between us.

Steve H. said...

Thank you Lush, Scandalous & Venom, it's a pleasure to have you and your partners as readers of my blog, I will also drop by yours and give them a good read x

NoCash said...

Cheers Steve appreciate the comments.

Got some capital to play GUKPT sats now!