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Cracked it at last, http://www.spotify.com/

Finally got it going once I realized I'd missed a letter out of my user name and was trying to access the damn thing under a totally different user name.

For what it's worth, I think its great, easy to install (if you put the right user name in) easy to find play lists and easy to create play lists, I've only installed the free version as I'm such a tight bastard and you only get adverts about every 6 songs..

This is the report from Sky News:

Music lovers are being offered eight million songs for free by a new online jukebox - but it comes with a catch.

Spotify is setting the web world abuzz - but will it catch on?

All four major labels are behind the new service called Spotify.

It allows people to listen to pretty much any commercial single or album for nothing and it has got the online and music worlds buzzing.

"I've never come across a service that is so easy to use and has got so much stuff available," enthuses Andrew Harrison, a music writer on Word Magazine.

"This is the first time I've looked at my iPod and gone - do I really need you anymore?" he added.

After you have downloaded a special bit of software, you can listen to the tracks as many times as you like.

But the catch is, you cannot download them.

You do have to listen to a few adverts here and there - unless you choose to upgrade and pay a subscription to remove them. It is currently 99p per day or £9.99 per month.

The software looks very similar to iTunes but Daniel Ek from Spotify denies they are going after Apple's business.

"A lot of users are liking what they see so far. We hope to take users from piracy not from other legal services," he told us.

Spotify has got the full backing of the record industry. They get a small royalty payment every time a song gets played and a big shop window.

Paul Bursch from Sony Music told Sky News: "We've gone for it because it's a compelling service that offers its users a great offering - which is all the music you can handle.

"And from our side, for the business, for the artists, the artists get something back, they get paid for that exposure."

There are some exceptions to the free for all. Look for The Beatles and you will be left with cover versions, and a search for Led Zep does not reap a Whole Lotta Love.

But with 10 thousand new songs being added to Spotify everyday, it is hardly understocked.

Doves are one band that you can find on the new service. They like the idea but, like many artists, are worried about where the music industry is going.

Frontman Jimi Goodwin said he heard about the new jukebox from his producer.

"Dan sent me an email a bit ago and said forget iTunes and all that sort of stuff, Spotify is going to just freak it all out," he said.

Some already say Spotify could be as big as YouTube.

The true test will be if it can be widened to work on wireless devices like Blackberries and iPhones.

Because, while your iPod might put 30 thousand tracks in your pocket - having Spotify could mean 8 million free songs on your phone.


havin_a_laff said...

Hi Steve. Thanks very much for your comment. Thanks for the invite and nice blog. Like to balance my cash game reading with tournie players. I am now a follower! GL.

Phillipia said...

Thanks for the info about spotify...sounds awesome.

Mark said...

Hey Steve.

Added you to the Melted Felt blogroll, if you could please return when you have a mo....

Cheers, Mark

Riff Dog said...

This sounds very cool. FWIW, the Beattles have always been problematic even on paid (iTunes) sites as was Led Zeppelin until recently.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Going to sign up for a free (I'm a tight bastard too) account, especially as I now have the full net on my phone.

Long time lurker and I decide to post in a non-poker entry! Go figure!

Steve H. said...

Havin a laff,
Tanks for dropping by mate and have added a link, GL

Phillipia, your more than welcome, hope you enjoy the site, GL.

Mark, Have linked you up mate, thanks and be lucky.

Riff Dog, god job I'm not into the beatles then, Led Zepplin were pretty cool but my fav was and still is Pink Floyd (wish you were here).GL

Yorkshire Pud (Matthew), Thanks for lurking in the wings and coming out the closet ;-). Hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy yours.