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Got to Bridgnorth last night for about 8.10pm and thought that things would be quiet as there were only 5 others there - but it was a cold evening - It did pick up later though with 2 sats taking place.

The first table kicked off around 8.25pm 10 runners with 1 rebuy available, Anna (Thai girl) had the first rebut after Anthony gets her to stick her chips in with a flush draw on the flop, draw fails to come and Anthony is up to 110k. I tell Ant that I'm going to get jiggy with him and I'm going to raise his bb, giving him loads of verbal he starts giving it back so I know I got him tilted!!!

I pick some chips up from a few spots and now I'm level with Ant, also on the table is big John, Andrea, Anna, Gez Baily and Ali.

Myself, Andrea and Ant are the last three on the table with me and Ant mixing it up at every opportunity, I eventually bust him out when I min raise his bb with JJ, Andrea folds so Ant comes over the top shoving all in pre for around 125k, I've got around 350k while Andrea has around 75k - I call and Ant flips AKo board comes below a 9 so I get heads up with Andrea, I suggest that we call it a day as I've already got my seat so I win another seat that she'll play for me anyway, "I want to carry on" she says, "I can beat you" she says even tough she's a 6/1 underdog, I don't want to carry on but she talks me into it.

I then go card dead for about 16 hands and I give her a dreaded double up when my AdJd is no match for her K 10 off suit, suddenly I am down to 82k blinds at 10/20k, I'm on the bb when she pushes all in, I look at my first card which is a king and I call, flipping over an ace for my kicker, Andrea has pocket Jacks and I get lucky spiking an ace on the river.

Upto 164k now it's my sb and I raise it up to 60k with 67hearts, Andrea calls, flop comes 695 I push all in and Andrea calls, flipping pocket 8s, turn comes a 3 while an 8 on the river gives Andrea a set but gives me the straight.

328k with 550k in play and we been playing for over 2 hours, there's another satellite in progress and Spivver is waiting to start the cash table, I suggest to Andrea that we have a turn over for the result, she agrees, we get dealt our hole cards, then the flop, turn and river are turned over, 8 10 2 8 2 we decide to turn one card over each at a time with me turning first, I turn a deuce giving me a full house, I am dreading Andrea having an 8 now and killing my hand, she turns a 5 and as I turn my remaining card Andrea turns her other card, it's a jack, "I win" and just to rub it in my other card was the last 2 in the pack, giving me Quads... four little ducks and another seat in the final table that will be run in about 4 weeks or so.
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Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Friedel has had the red card he received in Sunday's defeat at Liverpool rescinded by the Football Association.

The visitors were 4-0 down when Friedel was sent off by referee Martin Atkinson for bringing down Fernando Torres. However, the American argued he went for a 50-50 ball and had nowhere else to go after Torres got to it first.

The decision means Friedel will now be available for Villa's trip to Manchester United on Sunday 5 April.



rubbish said...

Hi Steve,
Have linked you up so if you could return the favour that would be great.
Will read yours later.
All the best.

Joppa Road said...

Quad deuces....beautiful. I am glad Friedel is ok for the Man U game. Really I should want Man U to so it helps us consolidate 4th but I just cannot bring myself to do it. I hope Villa stuff them.

NoCash said...

Yeah red was harsh. Glad you got him back for the United game anyway!

Steve H. said...

Thanks NoCash & Joppa this could be the lift we need to steal that 4th spot on the river, now all we need to do is get rid of Heskey.

Welcome to the blog Rubbish - happy reading.

Phillipia said...

Hi Steve,
I am a follower:)Thanks for following Phillipia.

I am hoping that, after following awhile, I will know a little more about the game and putting on a poker face.

Happy blogging...

Mr Origami said...

Hey Steve,
Good to see Friedel got his red rescinded! Now go stuff those mancs for us ;)
I'll link you up on my blog, fancy returning the favour? ;)