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We haven't got a game now for two weeks till we face the mighty United up at Old Trafford, enough time perhaps to get Bradley Guzan our reserve keeper up to scratch as Brad Friedel will be suspended for this encounter with the top of the table leaders.

Most pundits were of the same opinion yesterday that it was a harsh sending off - will we be appealing, lets see. I also hear that we are looking at selling Marlon Harewood to the Wolves for around £3.5m, I thought we were struggling for players yet here we are getting rid of someone I consider to be a different much better class of striker than Heskey??? WTF is going on at Villa Park?

I made it down to Walsall last night for the £50 3 x 5000 deepstack. I make it up to 20k for the first break, quickly getting up to 40k just after the break when I get aces into queens on a jack high flop.

I then get moved getting involved on the big blind with three limper's in the pot, blinds at 600/1200, flop comes 10 9 10 and I'm holding 8 9 suited, checks all the way round, 7 on the turn, utg bets out 3k folds round to me so I call, Q on the river, I check, utg 3k so I call and he shows Q 10 for the house, I muck then he kicks off, "I wanna see your hand" what you wanna see my hand for, you won ain't you? "because I'm entitled to" I show him my hand but I also call Wayne over to explain to this thick git that I don't have to show my hand, Wayne agrees - does he apologise - does he bollocks.

I then get moved when they break the table up and I'm straight into the big blind, still at 600/1200 - limp in middle position then the button makes it 7,200, I certainly ain't putting him on aces with such a big raise but I don't wanna get too jiggy with him as he's got my 36k easily covered with he's 50 ish k, I look down and find AK spades, I call the extra 6k, limper gets out of the way, flop comes K 2 8 rainbow, I check and the button bets out 15k, I move all in and am instantly called by the pocket rockets - Ho Hum!!!!

Tonight there will be some more single table satellites down at Bridgnorth for the 888 TV show, if your doing nothing then get down there, we had 4 tables last week.


Wolfie said...

Niced to think you see Harewood as better than Heskey, hopefully he will give us the final push for promotion

Good luck

Steve H. said...

Thankfully we've only let you have him on loan till the end of the season, by then Heskey might have buggered off to another club and we'll recall Harewood.. Good luck in the premier league next season although I think you may need to get rid of your manager cause a premier manager he aint..

Good luck anyways

Anonymous said...

love your blog, but in essence you HAVE to show your hand in tournament poker whether the other player has the nuts or not. But only at the request of one other player who wasnt in the hand.

reason: you could be mucking the best hand and chip dumping