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Ho Hum.

I played the £25 DC at Walsall yesterday afternoon 2 x 2000, 26 runners with £650 in the pot and top 3 getting some sort of a return.

Arriving late, I use my first chance in the first 15 minutes when I am in the c/o and theres a raise before me from Gilly Shaw to 300, blinds at 100/200 I find A/10 hearts so I raise it up to 750, folds to Paul Newman on the sb who goes all in (he has everyone easily covered) Gilly calls as do I as I’ve only got another 800 in front of me, pn=KK, gs=AQ, the Kings hold up and Paul’s up to around 12k.

I take my remaining 2k, I raise it up in late position to 650 (10/J spades) with a limp in middle position and Gilly, Larry (to my left) calls my 650 folds to limper who puts me all in, Gilly folds and I put the rest of my remaining 1350 into the pot, Larry calls for his remaining 975 so a pot of 5850 but I’m drawing thin, Larry has AJ, limper has QQ board comes 10 9 K J 5, now I’m above ave, I steal a couple of pots with position, getting me up to 6800.

Nearing the break I get tangled up with Paul Newman again, Paul is on the bb and 2 limpers round to Gilly who raises to 400, I make it 900 with AQ spades, folds round to Paul “all-in” he says, 13k ish, I stand up, folds round to Gilly who folds so I tell Paul I’m going to gamble with him, he flips over 77, the flop is crap, 6s 8c 4s turn comes but the spade on the turn gives me the nut flush and a pot of over 14500 ave at 4600.

I’m making final table as chip leader with 19500 with the ave at 11500, Larry raises to 4k utg+1 blinds at 600/1200, Gilly calls, I’m on the bb and find pocket rockets so I make it 9k to go, Larry insta shoves for his remaining 9500, Gilly folds, I call the extra 4500 into a 31500 pot, Larry QTo, board comes Q J 4 8 10, this leaves me with 6k

Next hand I’m on the sb, Gilly raises mid position to 3k, folds to me so I go all-in (A2 clubs), folds back to Gilly, who thinks about it, doesn’t like it but says “I have to call”, he calls and flips over QTo board comes 2 6 6 2 10 Ten’s on two rivers and I’m out in 6th place, that’s poker for you.

Today I’m over at Telford doing some maintenance and gardening on one of my houses.

The GUKPT kicks off today at the Victoria Casino, Marble Arch, London.

There is a £2500 Heads up Championships limited to just 16 players, last years winner (Kev O’Leary) and runner up (Marc Goodwin) will not be taking part, I stumped up the cash to play last year but crashed out after just half an hour, down to a lack of sleep the night before, but that’s another story -

I’ll have a report and updates on here during the next 10 days. I’m not sure if I’m playing any of these as the Vic always seem to have higher priced side events, the main event here this year is going to cost you £1575 if you want to stump up for it.

Date Buy In Event Start Time Length Starting Chips
19/03/2008 £300 + £30 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 2 days 7,000
20/03/2008 £500 + £50 PL Omaha Hi-Lo Double Chance Freezeout 8pm 2 days 8,000*
21/03/2009 £500 + £50 NL Hold'em Double Chance Freezeout 6pm 2 days 8,000*
22/03/2009 £500 + £50 PL Omaha Double Chance Freezeout 6pm 2 days 8,000*
23/03/2009 £200 + £20 NL Hold'em Rebuy 8pm 2 days 3,000
24/03/2009 £300 + £30 NL Hold'em 1 Rebuy or Add on 8pm 2 days 4,000
25/03/2009 £250 + £25 NL Hold'em Main Event Super Satellite Freezeout 8pm 1 day 5,000
29/03/2009 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Bounty Tournament** 4pm 1 day 5,000

Good luck to everyone taking part this week.


newy said...

unlucky wiv aces against larry m8, do u find it hard to be motivated to keep playin the lesser comps. I know I aint half the player u r but I really struggle to maintain focus and play proper poker, I think f#*k it, its only £25 comp I gamble. Then the times I do make effort I seem to run into someone else who dont know wot they are doing and get stuffed. Jus wondered ur thoughts on the worth of these comps when the structure means luck dictates much more of the outcome.

Anonymous said...

who was the dealer at walsall?
everyone who lost the pot seemed to get the chips.
qq made a str8 and lost and u made trip 2s and lost lol.

gl at the vic

dani c said...

Sounds like fun...wish I could go !!

Steve H. said...

Hi anon, but I'm not one to blame the dealer as I self deal alot down there myself and cant remember the amount of times I have bust myself out of a comp, I do believe however that subconsiously you can have lucky and unlucky dealers for you - there are two dealers that I absolutly hate and when ever they approach my table I walk away till they push, chips permitting that is.

Thanks Dani, I'm sure it would be fun, I think the Vik take the piss by charging more for their side events than any other venue but by the time you add on your flights from connecticutt it would probably be cheaper to play in Vegas - great result with your f*ck fest.

Alright Paul,
It was unlucky with the aces but it was so deep into the comp and 3 off the business end that the raise to Larry + Gilly told both of them that I had a big hand and they certainly didnt have enough to get me off the pot should they re-raise as larry did - I'm ahead with the rockets and can only get unlucky now - when I'm that close to the business end I couldnt give a toss if it's a £25 freezeout or a £1000 event, I want to cash first and formost so at least I'm getting something for the time I put into it - and then I want to take it down, I very rarely do deals and there's probably just half a dozen at Walsall that I would chop it with if I got heads up, obviously dependant on chips.

I motivate myself each and every day to grind it out on-line at home when I'm not playing the festivals - getting to know the anytime plan on sky better than Rupert Murdoch - but I get so bored after a while and I enjoy the banter and chit chat of live play regardless of the buy-in (which buy the way I still want to win the cheap comps as much as the higher priced buy-ins)although I may be willing to take more gamles in the lower priced comps as I know that my oppo's are probably not good enough to lay a hand down.

I think these cheap comps are a great way of honing your skills and learning about percentages along with odds, pot odds and outs in a live enviroment as you cant do that on-line cause the software variance is more punishing - solicial networking is so important as well mate, so many of these internet wizz kids never leave the house and have no solicial skills what so ever..
As for you only being half the player I am mate - "Throw a lucky man into the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth." Be lucky buddy.