on 21:57

Crashed out of the sat for the £200 around 12th place with just 3 seats and £80 for 4th up for grabs, I lose half my stack holding JJ on a 10 high flop, turn comes a 6, bb bets out and I reraise and the BB goes all-in, I call and he has me crushed with pocket 10's.

The £50 triple chance freeze out deep stack saw me make the break with 5800 from 15000, I get a double up in the blinds when I flop the nut flush with Q7h against "Rambo's" 2 pair on 4th street, I shove the river and he calls. Very next hand I'm on the button with JJ (again) so I raise to 1200 blinds at 100/200 with 4 limpers, rambo calls as does the BB, 852 rainbow, checks to me so I bet out 3000, sm goes all in bb folds so I call, sb flips AA and has me covered. ;-(

Tonight is DTD on line sat for their main event while there is the £35 sat's down at Bridgnorth for a £350 in a final for the 888.com world open to be filmed in October.