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Went to the Broadway Casino last night.

We booked a table for 7.45pm, this would leave us enough time to enjoy our meal before settling in to the evenings £30 D/C freeze out 2 x 3000 chips. 140 runners creating a pot of around £4200 with around £1350 for first place.

Andrea went for the Fish cake followed by the Venison while I plumped for the Potato & leek soup followed by the Fillet steak with sides of chips and veg. A nice bottle of Rose added to the ambiance of the evening.

Anyone that has never eaten in Oscar's within the Broadway are missing out on some superb food, after my disappointments with the food outlets in London, we both gave Oscars 10/10

Onto the poker.....

I get a double up off Richard Chamberlain 4th hand in when I raise UTG to 225 (AQ spades)blinds at 25/50 rich calls as does the SB, flop Ks 7h 9s check to me so I bet out 1100 and declare that I'm trying to buy the pot, Rich flat calls, sb folds, 7d on the turn that I check to Rich, he checks behind me, Js on the river and push all in for my remainder 1675, Rich calls and shows KQ.

I lose some chips chasing a bluff and 3xbetting a calling station at the first break I am on my starting stack of 6k. No real hands of any note but I get down to the last 45 when in the blinds, sb pushes all in for 8.5k, I'm on the bb with AJ suited so I snap call, oppo has JQ and catches a Queen on the flop I'm now down to 11k, next hand on the SB I find JQ clubs, limp mid position, button goes all in for approx 19k, I snap call forgetting about the limper who immediately shoves turning over pocket ladies, button flips pocket Jacks so I start asking for clubs, no clubs on the flop but a 8 9 k gives me some outs, k on the turn, with a 10 on the river puts me up to 35k with the ave at 25k.

I get blinded away as we lose a few more players when we get down o 3 tables of 7 with the blinds at 800/1600 r/a 100, raise to 5k utg so I re-raise all in for 31k with 2 black Jacks, folds to the button who thinks about it, then goes all in for around 40k, initial raiser folds, JJ v QQ board comes 77658 and I finish 20th.

£10 rebuy sat at Walsall early tonight 6pm for the monthly £200 - then at 9.30pm it's the £50 triple chance 3 x 5k freeze out.

Villa are now 2-0 down after 5 minutes of the 2nd half, so it's not looking very promising for us today. We have 9 games left now till the end of season, where has our form gone, why are we runing so bad, are we getting cold decked? COME ON YOU VILLA - SORT IT OUT.
Khan did a good job last night but I certainly think that Barrera should get a re-match as I don't think it would have been as easy as it was if he hadn't received the cut so early in the fight.



Anonymous said...

Shame about the Vile loosing !!!

s.eggleton said...

Steve game is doing my head in (idiots)i played broadway friday came 13th 57 pounds not bad for 8 hours work only cost 33pounds to play(lol).ak against kq.got home at 6.15am.walsall last night 9th 100 pounds back for 55.50p only another 7 and a half hours of grinding to get ak busted by k10 then 5 mins later they all have 500 each.

(how do u remeber everything that goes on all night because u do remeber a lot dont yer have u got a little red book(lol).)

Steve H. said...

Hi Simon,
Welcome to the blog.
The idiots and the donkeys are your bread and butter for the future mate and we have to get used to it "they aint going away".
It seems to me that you have to adjust your game accordingly and instead of giving them 5 cards to catch their outs you should perhaps play the board and reduce the amount of outs that they have, if they want to call on 4th street for a flush draw for their tournament as a 26/1 dog then let them, but try not to berate them when they hit.

With regard to the blogging it is very difficult to remeber all the hands that happen over the course of the evening but here are a few tips,

1) make a note in the notes section of your phone at the start of each level, runners, chips, ave chips, players remaining.

2) make notes of any key hands on your phone.

3) whenever there is a break, count your chips and dial that number of chips into your phone as a call, this is a good for security to as it shows at 10.15pm, you dialled 25425, you come back to the table at 10.35pm but now only have 20425, you have an ammount registered at a certain time as well as being a reminder.

4) Keeping this infomation is crucial if your blogging but evenif you dont blog you will be able to put this infomation into spread sheets using the stats that come back to analise and pick faults with your own game and look for spots to improve on.

5) Helps you to build a database on various other players and their starting hands or range of raising hands - easy when your on line to do but not so easy when your live.

Be lucky mate.