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I got to about the half way stage last night going out around 40th spot.

I had a slow start losing half my stack on the 3rd hand with AK on a king high flop but got away from it when the board paired up on the river and my oppo pushes so I lay top pair down aith 1600 behind me. 3k in chips so you can only rebuy on 1500, I steal a couple of pots intending to go down to my rebuy level and at the break I've got 2800 without the rebuy so I do the add on for another 3k.

After the break I quickly get upto 12k when I get moved for the 4th time, I call a raise from the c/o with 44 to 1100 blinds 200/400, flop comes 4AA I know the raiser has an ace when he checks to me, so I bet out 1125 to which he min raises to 2250, call, the turn comes an 8, oppo checks to me so I bet out 1125 again and again he min raises me to 2250, I call with the intention of pushing on the river when the dealer flips over an 8 and stone dead kills my hand, oppo bets out and puts me all in, I tell him how lucky he just got, he looks bemused, AQ he asks "AQ I call you - you idiot" "I had you so locked up"

On my next I down to 6800 when I pick up KQ suited on the button, 4 limpers so I raise to 1250, blinds still 200/400 - 2 callers, flop comes 9 10 Q, check/check so I bet out 1500, sb calls, turn comes 4, sm checks so I bet 2500, sb calls, K on the river now suddenly the sb wants to put me all in, I pass leaving myself with a bowl of rice of 1600.

I get back up to 6500 and get moved again back upstairs, getting tangled up in the blinds, folds to sb who goes all in for 4k total blinds at 400/800, I find A9 suited so I call, he flips J9 but catches a J on the flop. very next hand on my sb folds round to me so I shove my remaining 2.6k in with 78 spades, bb calls, "shit" he's got A8 so I got 3 outs that dont come.

My overall impression of the Empire is that it's a first class casino with great enthusiastic staff who are always on hand to cater for all your needs and requirements and get your cash off you, but the card room and the way they run festivals leave a lot to be desired, they are running these events with casino staff who are not really card room trained, Alister the ex card room manager from Gala Bristol has just started working there so things may change in that direction.

Back in the Midlands now licking my wounds and back to the grind so we're off down to the Broadway tonight for the £30 DC freeze out and have booked a slot in the restaurant as well.

Khan V Barrera tonight and I'm going for Khan to win on a decision.

Be lucky....


DungBeetle said...

Great blog Steve. Unlucky on the 44 hand - horror river.

I've linked you up - feel free to have a gander at my blog and do the same if you wish.


Cheers - James

Steve H. said...

Hi James,
Welcome to the blog.

Horror rivers seem to be killing me at the moment but we'll just have to keep plodding on.

Be lucky mate