on 10:26

The Empire strikes back!!!

I got down to the Casino for around 1.30 allocated a table, to my surprise the satellite hadn’t started yet. £30 + £5 rebuy, 1k in chips and 3 x 20 minute rebuy levels.

3rd hand in I pick up AA, I’m utg so I limp in hoping for a raise, 2 more limpers then the bb makes it 225, folds to me so I push all in for 1k total, other limper also calls, AA v 44 (bb) and 35o for other caller, board comes 427J6. “Chips!!!”

My next bb I find QQ in the hole, 3 limpers round to me so I push all in for 1k, folds round to the sb who declares “lets gamble” flipping A4o board comes 2274A, “Chips!!!”

I then get a double up to 2k that dwindles down to 800 at the break so I do the double add on for 2k, I return from the break on the BB (100/200) raised to 600 mid position so I elect to flat call with Ac Jc flop comes J 7 7 I lead out for 900 here oppo then goes all in for another 700 leaving myself just 400, he has AQ, turn is a Q with an A on the river.

SB next hand and I’m all in blind when the action gets round to me, bb calls me, AJ v 33, I miss everything while the pocket threes improve to make a straight on a board of 45Q62.

I then decide that it’s time for breakfast and head into China Town, I pass a couple of establishments with a cheap buffet “all you can eat” offer advertised at the front of the building, on entering I am licking my lips at the mouth watering dishes I am about to feast on but then I notice things around the hot plates that keep the food warm that shouldn't’t be there.

I find an establishment that I went to with Andrea the last time we were down here probably about a 6/10 for cleanliness and the same marks for the food but I needed to eat and time was getting on.

Some 40 minutes later I decide that I’ll catch a movie as I’ve only got about 3 hours till the evening game, I head back to the Empire, I was hoping to see Duplicity (12A) with Julia Roberts but that’s not out till the 20th March, the only film starting was something called Surveillance (18). This turned out to be a really crap movie £9.90 down the pan.

Around 6.15pm I meet up with Dom Kay then we grab a sandwich from prêt a manger, heading over to the casino for 6.50pm for the 7pm start.

I am pleased with the seat draw as I am table 1 seat 1 (upstairs) plus there’s no one on my table that I recognise the name of – I make my way upstairs and “shit” there’s been a re-draw, I’m now back downstairs on table 7 seat 1 with my companions making it look like a final table of a GUKPT, James Akenhead seat 3, Dominic Kay (4), Dinh Doat Le (6), and James Williams in seat 8. I trade 5% with Dom as this is his lucky casino.

8 hands in to the comp and I’m on the sb, Dom leads out for 200, lady in seat 5 re-raises to 525, I find AK suited in the hole, I elect to flat call here so I can peel off a flop, Dom re-raises another 1,650 to which seat 5 thinks but then passes saying that “I’ve passed a big hand to you here” – I count out the raise thinking it’s another 1,125 for me to call when the dealer says “1,650 more”
I then think that’s a bit of an overbet – not putting Dom on any hand here but I decide to peel off a flop, AK8 so I lead out for 1,650 to which Dom flat calls, I’m now putting him on a big ace and I was putting the lady in seat 5 on an ace as well, brick on the turn so I bet out for 2.5k here then Dom goes and instant shoves over the top of me, I stick my remaining 3,675 into the middle, then Dom flips over the pocket rockets.

I then have a 20 minute walk back to the hotel, talking to myself trying to take some good out of a shit day, I get back in time to play the $109 freeze out on ipoker for a seat at the Vik for the main event in 2 weeks time, 113 runners, 3 seats with money back up to 9th spot… 03.10am and I bust out in 7th spot ;-(

Not sure if I wanna play the £100 with 2 rebuy’s tomorrow night or not, sometimes you just feel unlucky in certain venues and that’s how it feels for me at the Broadway in Birmingham and now in the Empire Casino in London.

Black friday today for the superstitious amongst us.

I just hope the Villa stick it up the spurs at the weekend now!!!



Rosie said...

Hope you run better soon.