on 15:51

I got down to the Empire for the end of the 2nd level of the afternoon sat for the main event, 3 x 20 minute levels for alternates and the room manager goes to find me a seat on a table when this Asian lad comes in front of me and takes the seat saying "I was here ages ago".
I take a seat and I wait my turn.. another 20 minutes pass, then the call for "last three hands", that's it - No Seat

Must be an omen. Ok, so I go wish Dom, James Browning and Lynne Beaumont the best as they are still in the £500 that had around 23 runners returning for day 2.

I decide to get back to the hotel and get a couple of hours sleep before tonight's £100 game (already booked in - so I cant miss out tonight) and I've told the staff I'm checking out tomorrow. Even if I cash tonight I wont be playing the main event - well ok, I just might but only if I "win" tonight.

Dom's just called to tell me he's bust out of the £500, ul m8, gg wp.

Time for some ZZZZZzzzzzzz now, x
A short film about "chips" for you. ;=)


Fenix35 said...

Good luck tonight in the £100!