on 12:57

Well I never use public transport so first problem I had was selecting the right ticket to purchase.

After messing about for about 90 minutes looking at different routes I decided on a Super Off peak Return going from Landywood to London Marylebone Via Birmingham Moor Street for just £21.50 (Return).

Considering that it would cost me around £20 in diesel just to get down there I consider this good value.

11.25am Landywood to Birmingham New Street and guess what, "It's 9 minutes late"

I am quite impressed how modern and spacious the inside of this local train is.

makes up for 4 minutes of the lateness and arrives at Birmingham New Street for around 12.02pm

I now have a little walk across town to Birmingham Moor street but no problems here as I have till 12.55 before my next connection.

exit New street coming out by the Bull Ring Exit

I recognise a couple of landmarks but to be quite honest with you there has been so much construction going on within the City Centre that I don't remember it looking this way.

As I go past the Rotunda, turning the corner round to Moor Street I come to 2 totally different aspects and views:

The first being this ugly building that looks like a piece of bubble wrap paper - yukk

With the next building, opposite the ugly one is this Birmingham Moor Street station.

I'm not certain how old this booking hall is but I would imagine at least a century old.

I get to London on time 3pm so a quick cab to Marble Arch where I am stopping at the Victory Services Club.

A quick swill, unpack and I decide to walk down to Leicester Square taking in the sights:

A Penthouse apartment here will set you back about £5.5m with a 99 year lease....

Where the Queen goes shopping.....

and the venue in question...

The Empire Casino Leicester Square

I get down here for around 5pm making my way to the cash desk to pay in as theres only 108 seats available. I'm number 35. I arrange to meet up with Dom Kay for around 6pm and also meet up with Dave Gallagher so decide to go for a bite to eat and a drink.

I get to the casino for around 7.10pm and take my seat. I lose half my stack in the first hand I play, Re-raiseing pre-flop, re-raising on the flop, betting the turn and the river to get called down by middle pair!!! donkey...

anyway, I get back up to around 9k and I get involved in this hand.

I have pocket 10s when there's a limp (100/200) then a raise to 700 before me, I'm not too concerned about the raise as he's been a bit lively but more concerned with the limp, I flat call here as does the limper. Flop comes Q88 (2 hearts) check/700 so I pump it up to 2100, fold/call - 8 on the turn, he checks so I decide to check behind him, 7h on the river putting a flush on board and action man bets out 2500 --- I think --- he would bet that with a flush, anyway I call and he flips over JQ ;-(

Very next hand and I'm 2nd to speak down to 4k and I find KK in the hole, raise to 700 utg so I pump it to 2100, 3rd to speak goes all in for 2500, back to utg who goes all in and has me covered so i make the call, KK v AA v AQ and the AA stands up.

I exit to the cash table putting £200 down on a £1/£2 NL table. I pass my blinds with trash and pick up JJ utg so raise to £6, 2 callers 388 on the flop, checks to me so I bet £19 (pot) and I get 1 caller, 3 on the turn and he checks, I bet £30 and he reraise me to £75, I go all in for another £100, he thinks then he calls reluctantly, blank on the river so i look at him and I declare overpair, he just looks at me and says turn them over, thnking I'm ahead I flip the jacks then he slow rolls me with 23o, TOSSER and I'm afraid I told him so as well

I then have a quick drink with Dom and James Browning in the break then make my way back to the hotel. I get a message from Dom around 5.30am telling me he cashed for 7th and a £1k after it became a crapshoot... Well done mate

Back today for the satelite into the £500, it's a £30 rebuy so I best get my skates on....

More later.



Dom said...

Now that is a blog! See ya later for the 500 mate. Better luck for you today.

Mike & Lou said...

Good Luck Steve, surely its only a matter of time when you take one down on your recent form.

Thanks for the link to the victory club, jogged my memory about making myself a member.

All the best


Steve H. said...

Thanks Dom.

Thanks Mike,
VSC certainly one of the best places to stay in central london, even more so now that they are 3/4 the way through a £5.5m face lift.

Good luck lads.