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6th last night (297 runners) in the $7k guaranteed for $345 exiting with 46 suited v QT, wasnt really shortstacked - but was more a case of making a move at the wrong time.
I have decided to go down to London tomorrow for the side events at the Empire Festival (click above poster for further details), Hotel booked and will travel down by train as it's only about £20 for an open return but saves all the hassle of the congestion charge and having to find somewhere to park the bloody thing, central London parking charges are around £24 - 32 per day.
A quick visit over to Telford now to do my Percy Thrower impression.
I am amazed how many of you out there actually read this shit, loads of you came over to me at DTD at the weekend and told me that you were regular readers and followers, I was very touched by this and also the best wishes for the blog that you all expressed, many many thanks.
Just missed out on the dtd online sat last night when I got mega involved with this donk and you know what they say, " never go after 1 individual just cause he's upset you or is a shit player" anyway, I did and I came off 2nd best. 8.30pm tonight sees another chance to get into next months £300 at dtd for just £15 rebuy so thats my plans for this evening.
Be lucky ;-)


Ant040689 said...

I think i will be joining you in the wednesday event as i need live game redemption after my last shambolic effort. If i see you will be sure to say hello like many of your other followers already have! :)

Steve H. said...

Thanks Ant,
Drop by and say Hi, would be good to see you.
Good Luck

dani c said...

Good luck !!!

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

I heard that one donkey reader not only told you he read your blog but actually donated to you on the cash table. Is this true?

Steve H. said...

I had a couple of small donations on the cash table but I was being ultra carefull as I had just busted out in 15th in main event and was waiting for the missus who was on final table in the £150 - I also made a couple of £25-£40 hero/donkey calls on the river with K high and getting lucky, all in good fun though, lol.

Hi Dani - thanks for dropping by.