on 10:39

...... DUSK TILL DAWN......

Entry: £300 Game: Hold Em
Registration: £30 Limit: No Limit
Starting Chips: 10000 Type: Freezeout
Total Entries: 360
Total Prizepool:£108,000

1 Sandeep Shah £32,029
2 David Mundle £18,133
3 Paul Gourlay £11,333
4 Ian Gascoigne £7,884
5 Panos Panayi £6,406
6 John Stritch £4,435
7 Peter Charalamobus £3,449
8 Tom Rutter £2,464
9 Steve Brown £1,971
10 Peter Linton £1,380

Wow, what a turn out, 360 runners. I am sat on Micky Wernick's and Jim Reid's starting table,

I take a couple of dents in the first level quickly finding myself down to 4k, by the first break however I have managed to climb my way up to 21k having got up to 25k at one point. After the break I play one hand quite badly that costs me 10k, finally going out just before the 2nd break when I push 12.5k into the middle with AKd, I got called by Greek Jack who just had me covered with pocket ladies, no help comes for me so I make my way home.

Yesterday I played the £30 sup/sat at Walsall for the GUKPT seat, 33 runners, 2 seats and £700 for 3rd place, I go out in 14th spot pushing my AQ into Ak with no improvement. I then pay into the £50 triple chance 3 x 5k, 60 odd runners, we finally do a deal at 4.30am this morning 3 chip leaders getting £600 each with me and Frankie Knight picking up £460 each.

Nothing on at Bridgnorth tonight so I'll either be on-line or there's the £30 DC freeze out down at Walsall.