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PartyPoker.com European Open V

Heat 6

Seat 1 Dixie (5th)
Seat 2 Achilleas Kallakism (6th)
Seat 3 Tim Flanders (2nd)
Saet 4 Mick McCool (4th)
Seat 5 David Rudling (1st)
Seat 6 Donnacha O'Dea (3rd)

Hand 20: Kallakis As 9c all in, Tim Jh Js allin, Flop Jc 10h 5d turn Qs river is the 4s ACHILLEAS KALLAKIS IS OUT IN 6TH PLACE.

Hand 49: Ks 6d for dixie raises to 15k Tim with Ad Ah calls. Flop 3h 6h 3c, Dixie bets 15k, Tim raises to 34k more, Dixie then pushes all-in, Tim calls, Turn Jd, river is the 7s DIXIE DEAN IS OUT IN 5TH PLACE.

Chip counts after 63 hands, next level is 5/10k
Mick 190,000
David 171,000
Tim 170,00
ODea 69,000

Hand 71: mick with Qd 9d raises to 30k, David 10c Qs - mick says im like a monkey on your back Dave - dave calls, Flop 4c 9c 8c, Mick makes it 60k, David pushes all in, mick calls, Turn Qc, river 7h and David up to 302k mick down to 59k

Hand 72: Mick Kc 5h is all in, david with As Jh on the sb is all in. Flop 7c Ad Ks, Turn 4c

Hand 80: ODea on the button 3c 3h raises all in, tim Ad 3d folds, David calls with Qs Qd
Flop Jh 10 s 7d, Turn 4c, river Jd DONNACHA O DEA IS OUT IN 3RD PLACE

Chip counts
Tim flanders 136,000
David Rudling 464,000

Hand 86: Tim 9h 9s raises to 37k, Ac Ks for David goes all in, Tim calls. Flop 4s 4c 7d, Turn Kd, River Js DAVID RUDLING GOES THROUGH TO THE SEMI FINAL