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I played on Boylepoker last night, got involved in a couple of tourneys that I cashed in but only just. I also got involved in the $25 Double Stack Freezeout that started at 10.45pm. 150 runners, 3hrs 50 minutes later and I bag a grand ($), I get lucky when we were 6 handed, folds round to me in the cut off, blinds at 2k/4k I got 55 in the hole, I pump it up to 12k, sb goes all in for 42k, (I have laid down 3-4 big hands to his re-raises and never seen his hands) I've got him covered by around another 15k so I make the call, he flips over QQ, flop 5 2 10 t9 r4, this gave me the chip lead which I only lost for about 6 hands before taking it down. Perhaps it's the old adage, "if your losing on one site then move to another". I'm pleased with my performance and patience tonight, this will put me in a good frame of mind for my journey over to Nottingham and DTD

Well, Happy 1st Birthday to me....
I started blogging 12 Months ago today.
I started playing on-line poker about 4 years ago and kept accurate records (written) so I could track my exploits, up-swings / downswings, starting bankrolls, +/- equity.

Then 1 year ago, after reading other peoples blogs for some time previously I decided now was the time to get a blog address and start blogging.

Since I heard about the new blogging revolution on the net, which is not so new now, I had been wondering, "Why exactly do people blog".
Being one of the latecomers on the scene, I was still toying with the reasons and wondered why. Is this a need for exhibition, to display your innermost thoughts to the world? Is it a need for recognition?. That I want people to know I blog, that I have an opinion, that I want to voice it.

Is it a way to meet people who think like you do? So, lets say, a more sophisticated, shall I say, time saving way to meet people who can be potential friends. I mean, if I read someone's blog, I can easily figure out if I ever want to be friends with this person or do I want to avoid them like the plague.

Why do people really read blogs? Reading in any manner gives pleasure, it opens the mind, the recesses, gives you food for thought, and makes you wonder about things.

I do read through other people's blogs when I get the time, and many a times, I find many of them filled with intimate details, like what did I do the whole day. What am I upto as of now, why I am doing what I am doing, how much I've lost or won, how badly I played a hand or slap my back and massage my ego "I just sucked out".

You can tell me the reason I read them is that I like them, but thats not really it. Is this a hint of voyeourism. Do I like to peep into other people's lives, trying to derive some pleasure from that. I would tell myself its plain curiosity and a strong indication that I need to get a new hobby. Or maybe, I am in search of new friends, and this is my way of listing down these people as potential or never.

My own reasons were because if ever I wanted to look back over my diary it was there for me to see as well as being available for everyone on the net to look back into my life rather than locked away in a drawer with unlimited availability to me and my family but excluded to the outside world. You can learn from your mistakes was something I learnt early on from my days at school many years ago - it's alot easier to spot your mistakes when other people (the outside world) are pointing them out either verbally or in my comments section rather than waiting for me to be critical of myself.

Good luck to Marcus Bebb Jones in the Partypoker European match today.
updates to follow here shortly..............................


Later tonight I will be over at DTD for the £300 Deepstack main event of the 321 weekend where I am hoping to go deep and make it back for day 2 tomorrow. The gritting wagons have been out in force and the roads should be clear now although the forecast is for more snow over the weekend.

Todays footall fixtures with my predictions:

Barclays Premier League
Blackburn v Aston Villa, (AWAY) AWAY
Chelsea v Hull, (HOME) DRAW
Everton v Bolton, (HOME) HOME
Man City v Middlesbrough, (DRAW) HOME
Portsmouth v Liverpool, (DRAW) AWAY
Sunderland v Stoke, (HOME) HOME
West Brom v Newcastle, (DRAW) AWAY
Wigan v Fulham, (AWAY) DRAW


The Coca-Cola Football League Championship
Barnsley v Crystal Palace, (DRAW) POSTPONED
Birmingham v Burnley, (AWAY) DRAW
Blackpool v Doncaster, (DRAW) AWAY
Charlton v Cardiff, (AWAY) POSTPONED
Coventry v Wolverhampton, (AWAY) HOME
Norwich v Bristol City, (HOME) AWAY
Nottm Forest v QPR, (AWAY) DRAW
Plymouth v Derby, (HOME) AWAY
Reading v Preston, (HOME) DRAW
Sheff Utd v Sheff Wed, (HOME) AWAY
Swansea v Ipswich, (HOME) HOME
Watford v Southampton, (HOME) POSTPONED


So now, While I wonder, maybe I will write some more........soon


cashbiatch said...

Cheers for your comments on my blog steve, i always enjoy reading yours - apart from you go on anout football zzz lol

we've cut a deal with other remaining team of 3 at Liverpool, so if either of us win we'll all get £500 - as me an col satellited in for £30 that will be a nice enough bonus x

Amatay said...

ty. i think i also write my blog for many of the same reasons as u list. I enjoy it and would still maintain my blog even if i didnt have any readers but there is something kinda nice about people reading it and esp the comments u receive. keep up the blog m8

TEAMDOBB said...

Happy Birthday and ditto to what Amatay said mate.
Always one of 1st I read & enjoy

Steve H. said...

Thanks Caz, I always enjoy your bluntness. Hope you had a good weekend at the Liverpool festival.
see you soon.

Amatay, Thanks for your comments mate, You've got one of the best blogs on the net, regually updated and an inspiration for anyone to follow and a great laugh too, good luck with the poker.

Thanks TeamDobb, target is 2 years now, keep reading mate app your company, gl