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Undefeated world super-middleweight and light-heavyweight boxing champion Joe Calzaghe has announced his retirement.

The 36-year-old Welshman, who reigned as a world champion for more than 11 years, quits the ring with a glittering record of 46 wins from 46 fights.

Joe said he was thinking of calling it a day before his last fight, the decision being made now as it's what he's family want him to do.
I admire Joe for getting out while he's at the top of his career but I do wonder if the lure of a $30 million rematch would see him back in the square ring?

The Party Poker European open kicks off today. You will be able to follow the action on Matchroom Poker's Forum.

This format can be quite rapid and aggressive so skill plays an important part in your play as does timing but the luck factor comes into play as well.

My picks for each heat are in highlighted.
My tips for the runner up spots are also highlighted

Celebrity Heat - Friday 6th February AM

Seat 1 Rod harrington (5th)
Seat 2 Garry Bushell (3rd)
Seat 3 Paul Jones (6th)
Seat 4 Norman Pace (1st)
Seat 5 Du'aine Ladejo (2nd)
Seat 6 Michelle Orpe (4th)

Heat 1 - Friday 6th February PM

1 Norman Pace (6th)
2 John Kabbaj (3rd)
3 Thomas Bihl (4th)
4 Rob Cooper (5th)
5 Nik Persaud (2nd)
6 Bambos Charalambos (1st)

you can follow all the action as it happens on: http://www.matchroompokerforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=5
Bank of England dropped the base rate yesterday to just 1% so now I just need to persuade my tenants to pay on time.
Tonight I am staying in and will have a punt on Blue Sq for the GUKPT $50 sup sat, chilling out before the 321 weekend at DTD