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Party Poker European Open V (Celebrity heat)

Seat 1 Rod harrington (5th)
Seat 2 Garry Bushell (3rd)
Seat 3 Paul Jones (6th)
Seat 4 Norman Pace (1st)
Seat 5 Du'aine Ladejo (2nd)
Seat 6 Michelle Orpe (4th)

Well, Norman with the help of the poker gods absolutely tore through the field getting heads up after 46 hands, eliminating the first three victims within 20 hands.

Hand 4: rodders calls with As3h, jones calls with 9s4s, pace calls with 7s9c , duaine checks with Ac8c flop 5d6d10s, Pace checks, duaine folds, rodders checks as does jones, turn 8s, pace fires 5k, rodders folds, jones with the flush draw reraises to 10k, pace who rereraises to 30k total and Jones calls..river Jh, pace looks at jones stack and goes all in and Jones calls with Jack High. Paul said after that he thought he had the straight!!!

Hand 17: Pace utg with AsAh raises to 10k, rodders says all in with AdJd., flop 7d8h7c and turn Jh and the river is the 9d.

Hand 20: pace with the black hooks raises to 10k, orpe with 9c9s calls, garry with KsJd calls.
flop 2s2c3d, orpe bets 20k, garry folds, pace is all in. orpe says its such a hard one why couldnt you have called. she counts her chips, Pace easily covers her and she......calls, the turn is the 8c and the river is the Ah MICHELLE ORPE IS OUT IN 4TH PLACE.

Hand 46: Garry with KsKh raises to 12k, Duaine with JhJs reraises to 36k, Garry calls.flop 4h Qd3h, duaine bets 50k, garry is all in, duaine calls.turn 5c, river Jd GARRY IS OUT IN THIRD PLACE.

The action then slowed down somewhat with the chip lead passing several times, then around –

Hand 66: Pace 2d5c calls, duaine with 10c4s checks, flop 2c10s2s, duaine bets 20k, pace calls.
turn Kd, duaine bets 20k, pace raises to 50k total, duaine calls, river 8d, duaine is all in, pace calls and NORMAN PACE WINS THE CELEBRITY HEAT AND WILL GO INTO HEAT 1

Heat One: this afternoon...

1 Norman Pace
2 John Kabbaj
3 Thomas Bihl
4 Rob Cooper
5 Nik Persaud
6 Bambos Charalambos