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I started this blog on February 7th last year - so I'm almost a year old on Saturday for which I will do a separate post.

25000 and counting. Here are some useful stats:

Blog created 362 days ago.

Average of 70 hits/page loads per day

Total of 165 posts

Highest of 122 hits/page loads per day

Highest of 90 unique visits per day

Highest of 43 first time visits per day

Highest of 57 returning visits per day

I estimate that I will hit the 50,000 hits/pageloads before the end of 2009.

I've got loads of new stuff - games and gimmicks that I want to put on here but I am struggling as I have been trying for ages now to install a three column template to give me the functionality that I'm looking for but have been unable to find a template that works with blogger. It's the HMTL code that I'm after so if you've got any ideas or can help me then please leave me a comment.

Tonight is a live satellite over at DTD with 10 seats up for grabs for their £300 deepstack although I'm not certain that I'll be going as the roads are still treacherous with ice and snow over here.

Villa are at home tonight to Doncaster (FA Cup round 4 replay) with an attractive tie at Anfield or Goodison Park awaiting the winners.


TEAMDOBB said...

wd on the 25k visits. Your efforts you put in obv reflected.
IT help requested-maybe PM to S2C at forum mate as Im sure he will be able to help you sort it

gl from 25001 visitor