on 03:56

I'm off to sleep now as it's 4am, will post some hands later hopefully.

Player Chips at the end of day 1B

Dinh Doat Le 104175

Farhad Kia 77550

Sunny Chattha 76250

Graham Wheldon 73250

Alan Vinson 73050

James Williams 64400

Tony Harman 61650

Karl Mahrenholz 59475

Paul Bracken 53550

Kevin Steward 53275

Michael Wernick 50825

Stephen Brown 47725

Mark Bointon 46700

Senh Man Ung 39375

Steve Chadwick 38125

Osman Mustanoglu 37425

Andrew Teng 36750

Ryan Fronda 35025

David Johnson 34775

Francis Egan 34250

John Eames 33950

Alan Trueick 33450

Ramazanali Abbassi 32375

Gregory Hunt 32150

Theo Tsouvallaris 31675

Toby Lewis 31650

Nicholas Romanello 30600

Yucel Eminoglu 29525

Aaron Barry 28225

Andrew Psaras 27625

Glenn Ashworth 27225

David Lloyd 26925

Mark Wycherly 26600

Simon Wickenden 26100

Stephen Holden 26025

Colin Hotchkiss 25975

Neil Greenhalgh 25875

Derek Miller 25200

Neil Blatchly 24950

Paul Parker 23425

Jack Powell 23225

David Jones 20925

Alan Stearn 19350

Timothy Blake 19100

Peter Arrigoni 17450

Derek Williams 16925

Sami Yusuf 15550

Mark Wilson 13675

Rupinder Bedi 13225

Chris Ferguson 12800

Mahyar Mostafazadehasl 12650

Martino Libertini 12575

Najim Jasim 10875

Andreas Louca 10575

Ved Madan 5925


Ant040689 said...

good luck matey i hope you take it down. Would like to ask you a few questions about your live play if that is alright as well, as i am a newbie and want to know some things before i step into the scene. But anyways hope the cards fall your way. :)

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

gl in final tomorrow!

Steve H. said...

Thanks for all your kind words.
My chips sort of restrict me a little going back today for the final which from one point of view is good cause I dont have to make a game plan. ;-)