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Finished 50th in the £300 freezeout on Tuesday night so at about 1.30am with pocket queens being my downfall again. I went down to the felt in level 3 with just 600 chips getting myself back up to the 32k mark. I get moved tables and find myself sat with Mickey Wernick, Tony Kendall, Rick Trigg and Big Ben, Trigg raised utg to 1200 (blinds at 200/400), I find pocket 7s raising it up to 4200 lad in seat 10 flat calls me, folds to the BB who then shoves all in for 22k total, Trigg folds so I get a massive misread here sensing weakness in seat 10 I decide to isolate the action moving all in for 32k with seat 10 having around 35k total, seat 10 insta calls with pocket queens, BB has A7, first card out is a Q and it's adios from me.

Decided to put my name down on the cash and see if I could change my luck. While I was waiting I went over to watch the very juicy dealers choice cash table in the back private room, players included Reyaaz Mulla, Jeff Kimber, Paul Jackson, Skalli, Mick McCool and Peter Charalambous. Mick brought me a drink and invited me over and was showing me all the different rules for each individual game of which there was about 8 on the list, but I gather if the game wasn't on the list you could just verbally nominate your game anyway, so anything goes.

I'm sat with Mick for about half an hour when he does one to the toilet block leaving me to play his stack which is about £2k, the other lads at the table know that I'm a fish out of water so I thought I would just pass Mick's option till he returned. I end up doing £300 in a pot with Reyaaz putting him on a bluff I repop him after he repopped my initial pot size raise, Reyaaz taking the pot down with Js v 10s. Big Jeff then offers money for someone/anyone to go and rugby tackle Mick on his way back from the toilets so I take this as a hint that they see me as an easy target, I pass in the next three games and thankfully Mick arrives back to once again harvest his stack of chips. I confess to donking off to Mulla and take my seat in the spectators seat once again.

Mick then loses a couple pots when after getting involved in this one hand with Jeff and Mulla, he has to go into the think tank on the turn when Jeff bets the pot of £875 - Mick makes the call telling me that he's got about 12 cards in the pack to split the pot assuming that Jeff's already hit, he gets a king when he was looking for any card under an 8, this cripples Mick and he has to reload, I watch another hand between Mick and Jeff sometime later when Mick puts Jeff into the tank, Jeff calls, missing - giving Mick a stack of around £3k.

It felt really uncomfortable playing at these stakes with someone else's cash, feeling that I had brought him bad luck having seen his stack go from £2k to a reload and the sense of relief when he got it back to £3k.

I decide to go find my own cash table although not for the stakes these boys were playing for.

I get my seat, load up for £200 4 hands later I'm reloading (NL Hold'em £1/£2 table) after raising it up to £40 with KK in the hole on the button after the cut off had made it £10, sb calls as does the cut off, flop comes 884 checked round turn 8 sb bets £40 cut off folds so I push my £160 in front of me, sb calls the extra £120 turning over the 4 I turn my kings over, dealer rivers an ace and the sb has an ace to take the pot. I then reload for a further £200 spending a further 2 hours at the table which is raked at 5% (max £10 hand) getting my stack up to £600 when the casino closed at 6am.

I then got back to the casino for the afternoon self deal sup satellite with 6 seats for the GUKPT up for grabs, I do £250 getting sucked out on the river three times sending me on tilt. I steady the ship after the break, getting my stack up to 8k but then crippling myself when I push on the button with AJ to get called by the button with AK, down to 2k it is not long before I am railing with the blinds at 400/800.

Chilled out indoors last night watching some TV poker.

Today I am playing in the £100 freezeout which is a one day crap shoot.

Looking forward now to the main event that I am down to play on Friday.

Off over to Telford now for dinner with Michelle & Crystal my daughter and grand daughter.


Aston Villa have left eight regular first-team players out of the squad to face CSKA Moscow in the Uefa Cup second-leg match in Russia tonight.

Gareth Barry, Brad Friedel, Emile Heskey, James Milner, Ashley Young, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Carlos Cuellar and Stiliyan Petrov are all excluded.

"Chasing a top-four spot to get a Champions League place is everything," said Villa manager Martin O'Neill.

Villa were held to a 1-1 draw in the first leg at Villa Park.

And O'Neill's side slipped from third to fourth in the Premier League when they lost 1-0 at home to Chelsea on Saturday.

The manager felt his players were tired after drawing with CSKA Moscow in their round of 32 tie last Wednesday.

"We don't really have the size of squad that Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal can call on. That's not being defeatist - that's just being realistic," he added.

"None of the players mentioned the first leg against CSKA Moscow as an excuse for the Chelsea defeat at the weekend - but I will.

"The irony is we broke our necks to get into Europe.

"We have to try and please Villa fans but I am sure they would think that the Premier League, which can help drive you into the Champions League, is the 'Holy Grail'.

"It seems strange I know but had we been seventh, eighth or ninth, let's say, in the table, it would have been a different outlook."

Stand-in captain Barry backed his manager's decision not to take key players to the Russian capital.

"If you're looking at the game with Stoke on Sunday as the priority then it might be vital a few players do get a rest," said the midfielder.

"Last Wednesday's game (with CSKA) maybe caught up with us because we had a tough game against Chelsea (Saturday's 1-0 defeat)."

However, winger Milner believes the inexperienced Villa squad still has enough talent to beat their Russian opponents.

"Whatever team we put out, it will be good enough to get a result because we've a squad of quality players, even if it might not be the biggest," he said.

"We know they (CSKA) are a good team, but we've a lot of good players as well, not just the 11 that played against Chelsea."

The injured trio of Martin Laursen, Nigel Reo-Coker and Wilfred Bouma are also unavailable while Luke Young, Curtis Davies, Zat Knight and John Carew are among the few experienced players in the squad.

O'Neill has withdrawn Spanish defender Cuellar for fear of aggravating a hamstring injury on the plastic pitch on Moscow, while Heskey only returned to action against Chelsea at the weekend after an Achilles injury while on England duty in Spain.

Youngsters Elliott Parish, Eric Lichaj, Ciaran Clark, Shane Lowry, Barry Bannan and Mark Albrighton have been named in the 19-man squad.


Aston Villa (from): Guzan, Taylor, Parish, Luke Young, Davies, Knight, Shorey, Lichaj, Clark, Lowry, Sidwell, Salifou, Gardner, Osbourne, Bannan, Albrighton, Harewood, Carew, Delfouneso.

As much as I want the Villa to turn this result around, I think with the depleted squad we will be exiting this cup tonight, My own thoughts are that we should put out our strongest squad available, playing each game as it comes, we should be competing at all levels with our strongest squad at all times, this could come back to haunt O'Neil. Our change of form has only come seen Heskey came into the squad could this be down to unrest with Hesk and big John Carew?

Come on you YOUNG LIONS, furthermore - if they do win tonight then O'Neil should allow the same squad for the next round, but he wont!!!


Jeff said...

hey steve, someone mentioned u wrote up that hand and my comment about gettin u to play on, hope u took it as the joke it was meant, me and skalie were playin dealers for the first time and were the fish in the games at anything but omaha and hold em, was a fun friendly game tho :o)

good luck in the final m8

Steve H. said...

Hi Jeff, Good to see you on here and thanks for dropping by.

I knew at the time that it was just said in jest and only ever took it that way. It was good fun just to watch all the different games even if I didnt understand the basic's for each one.

As for todays final mate and trying to get your crown I think my chip stack at the moment sort of dictates the game I will be playing early on so I have no game plan at the moment. If I am still in there by the 3rd level of the day then I can possibly gather a game plan then if I've got some chips.

Cheers mate.