on 12:50

My starting table was again akin to any final table, Paul Parker to my left, Tim Flanders and EPT Dortmund Winner Andreas Hoivold. 180 runners, £36,000 in the pot 1,080,000 chips in play.

I am absolutely card dead for ages on here and at the break I have just 4100 at the first break.

Half way through level 4 I get moved on the BB to my new table that consists of Sandeep Shah (winner of the recent DTD £300 and finalist from the Broadway main event) who has battered the table and has around 45-50k, I feel threatened as I only have 2600 when I first come to the table – knowing that I have to pick my spots carefully. I push on both my sb and bb and work my way up to the dizzy heights of 6400 after being on here for over an hour.

Towards the end of level 6 the cut off shoves on my bb for 6100, I holding 6300 when I find Ajo, I would fold here if I had more chips but had to call at this point and risk a 50/50, I’m in luck when he flips A2 with my J stealing the pot putting me up to over 12k for the first time this evening.

Marcus Bebb-Jones then comes and takes the same seat, the blinds orbit when Marcus raises utg to 1600, blinds at 300/600, I find KK in the hole so I up the raise to 3500 folds back to Marcus who flat calls, flop comes 4J6, (break is announced at this point and I have nasty visions of Brighton coming back to haunt me) I bet out 3500 to which Marcus eventually calls, turn is a 5, I push all in at this point and it’s 5700 for Marcus to make the call, He ponders for a while so I’m now putting him on AJ or 77 when he says “I don’t like the call but I got about 12 outs” no flush on board so I know now that he’s holding 77 or 33, he makes the call with 77 but fails to connect with the river putting me up to 25k at the 2nd break, ave is 16k with just 68 runners left.

I tighten up completely passing so many big hands out of position. Sandeep who has had loads of chips all night is limping into so many pots it’s unreal, no-ones re-popping him as he has the chips to take them out. I’m on the button with 5 7 off when Sandeep has limped utg with the blinds at 400/800 so I decide to limp in as well putting Sandeep on paint, sb folds bb checks flop comes 4 7 9 rainbow bb checks Sandeep bets out 2600, again I figure that he’s got 2 overcards so I decide to peel off the turn, red 6 comes to give me an up/down draw and Sandeep fires out a 4000 bet here, I got so many cards to hit now even if I am behind that I cant fold at this point so I reluctantly put my 4k into the pot, Sandeep is reaching for the next bullet before the river is turned which happens to be the 6d, Sandeep then calmly takes 12,000 and places it over the line – I am crushed back down to 6k if I make a bad call here,”why bet so big” I remind myself, why 12k, shit – damm- I know I’m ahead, why 12k though, it just didn’t make sense, oh well if I’m wrong then its back to pushing the short stack, call I say pushing my trembling fist containing 12k over the line, I look at his face and he says good call and taps the table.

End of level 8 I’ve got 42k with the ave at 23k with 48 runners still fighting to come back for day 2, one more level left to go.

Joe Gresh has been moved onto the table and is his normal aggressive self when he raises utg +1 to 3500 blinds at 600/1200/100r/a folds to me in the cut off and I find pocket 8s so I flat call, Sandeep is on the bb squeezes for another 16k on top, Joe asks how much I got behind “50k ish I respond” “I’m all in then” he says making it 25k more for me to call. I fold the 8s face up, Sandeep turns over 9 5 off and Joe has AQ off board comes 7 5 2 10 3, Sandeep wins a pot of around 45k while Joe is crippled down to around 11k. I win one further pot for around 10k with Ad 10d v Ks Js board came Qs 10s to offer him many outs but blanks on the turn and river see me going back at 2pm today with 54,000 whilst the ave is at 36k. There are just 30 players left in the mix now.

Sandeep is certainly the man in form at the moment and while he has chips he can be mighty dangerous, There will be a seat re-draw when we get back, I wouldn't mind avoiding him till final table at least. Andreas is still in the mix along with Paul Parker and Martin Cavanagh and others that I recognise but not sure of their names.

8pm tonight is the £300 DC Freeze out with 2 x 3500 (7000) chips.

Off to bed now for some much needed sleep, ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz




JonnyBCash said...

Sometimes its just the way it goes. You made some good decisions there. Hope it goes well today.