on 19:38

Traffic on the motorway makes me 10 mins late for the restart.

Well I wasn’t expecting to be making this entry so early.

I get there, my chips unbagged and sitting pretty. Apart from the mad turk I recognise a couple of faces on my table but don’t see any real danger.

I play AK very badly on the SB limping in expecting a raise, JQ4 flop, 9 turn so I bet out 4k to get re-raised to 11k which I call river J check / check and he flips over 8 4 off, how crap am I – if I shove the river then he cant call!!!

A few hands later, Mad Turk raises utg to 4500, blinds at 800/1600/200ra I find 2 ladies in the hole so I re-raise to 19500 leaving myself 25000 behind, folds round to Turk who asks “how much you playing” I start to count and he says “all-in” I insta call and he flips the pocket rockets, No help for me, No suck out, No lucky moment to send me crashing out in 22nd place.

Quote from 23rd Feb

“That must put John up to around 17-18k in chips, I left at that point and I'll be surprised to see Hewston back for day 2”

Well I was made to eat my words with “Texas” cashing for 2nd place for around £4000 – John being John in the current climate of the credit crunch and not having a pot to piss in like most of us had sold a 70% stake of his action. Within minutes of cashing he was handing back over 85% of his win to his backers and people that he owed money to.

On returning home today after being knocked out I am pleasantly surprised when John turns up to give me a monkey (£500) telling me that he’ll give me another monkey as soon as he’s got it.
Doesn’t matter if he’s book is fact or fiction, go out and buy a copy so I can get my other monkey asap. (Click on photo for further details:)