on 13:27

**** IT'S FFFFFFF****ING COLD ****

158 runners braved the cold artic chill of the Midlands to play the Broadway £30 D/C Freezeout. Over £4700 in the pot and everything to play for. I am so card dead all night long, I get a couple of double ups in the blinds when I lose my patience early on when I feel that my bb is being attacked pushing back with 74 suited and 96 suited respectfully. I am never massive in chips at any point but make my way to the last two tables. I go out in 20th position pays down to 15, I am on the sb with blinds at 2k/4k 400r/a, there is a raise to 10k utg, the next seat then calls for 10k, folds round to me when I find KK so I shove all-in for a total of 26k, utg only has another 8k in front so makes the call while the other caller had me covered, on our backs and I'm in good shape when they turn over A6??? and AQ, you guessed it, Ace on the flop.

Barclays Premier League
Liverpool v Chelsea, 16:00 H
Newcastle v Sunderland, 13:30 D

I'm punting for 2 home wins here

1/2 correct

I am on Blue Sq tonight at 8.30pm in the GUKPT sup sat, I'll also be trying to get a seat into the pokermillions and Sunday Warm up on Stars. There is also a £30 rebuy Sup/sat at Walsall at 6pm with 2 seats guaranteed for the GUKPT so there could be enough value there for me to turn up.