on 16:44

Braodway last night:

£20 rebuy, 95 runners, £6860 in the pot:

14800 end of level 2
14700 end of level 3
12000 end of level 4
9500 end of level 5 ave at 12k
12000 end of level 6 ave at 16k 40 runners left
44000 end of level 9 ave at 28k 23 runners left
90000 end of level 11 ave at 42k 15 runners left

I then play a key hand, muppet utg raises to 12k, he’s got me covered, (I’ve got personal history with this donkey, I know that he cant lay a hand down, he’s been limping utg with A3 Q2 and all sorts of crap, folds to me and I find Kh Kd in the hole (we are 7 handed at this point) so I decide to peel off the flop, A 2 3 all black, utg fires out a 20k bet so I pass the kings face up saying “your ace rag is good”, he then shows me AQ, “you call if I push all in pre flop” I ask? “of course” he says, nh I say. I know that sooner or later his chips are going to get spilled all over the table.

We make final table of 10, the donkey goes out in 8th spot, I pick my moves carefully after taking a hit and getting crippled down to 18k with the ave at 84k, I get heads up when the chip leader offers me a deal saying “I’ll give you an extra £300 if you give me first and the £300 seat” at this point there was £4000 left to play for and he wanted me to take £1600, (2nd was £1300) chip stacks were 250k / 350k so I said 50/50 chop and leave the seat for the winner, to which he said “I got 3x what you got” he’s maths being somewhat out I declined the offer saying lets play it out.

Next hand blinds at 5/10k he limps to my bb and I hump it up another 60k with A9 suited he then shoves on me and I insta call, he flips over A6 and I get a double up, I’m now on 500k I then double him up next hand calling his shove blind with 7 4 suited, 400k/200k He then steals another couple of blinds to get up to around the 250k and starts asking me to do a 50/50 chop leaving the seat up for the winner, he now considers that we’re even in chips!! Anyway – not one for getting involved with mind games I say “lets just play it out” (I’m a stubborn bastard)

Next hand we get it all in pre flop with A9 v A6 board comes 9 5 4 8 7 to give him the straight and I’m down to around 100k, I shove 3 hands running getting back to 160k, my BB and he limps, I have Q9 off so I raise half my stack to which he flat calls, J 7 4 rainbow and he shoves, I got queen high but I make the call finding that I’m ahead when he flips 10 6 turn comes a 5 with an 8 on the river to give him the straight.

So 2nd for £1300 I head over to Walsall on my way home around 5.30 am to pay into the side events of the GUKPT out of my winnings, so now as well as having a seat for the main event I am now free rolling in the following events:

Date Buy In Event
22/02/2009 £150 + £15 NL Hold'em Freezeout
23/02/2009 £200 + £20 NL Hold'em Freezeout
24/02/2009 £300 + £30 NL Hold'em Double Chance Freezeout
26/02/2009 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Freezeout

27/02/2009 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event

There is also a 10 seats guaranteed sat on Friday 20th £50 rebuy so I will give this a punt and see if I can win a seat for another leg of the tour.


Villa away to Everton tomorrow in the cup and I fully expect us to beat them 2-0


On-line poker tonight and some ironing to do.

I am off to Dublin tomorrow with Andrea and Edward for a joint Valentines weekend break / Half term break, not sure if I'll be doing any blogging / posting / on line poker while I'm there so this could be my last post till Thursday 19th.



Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Hi Steve,

good blog and wd for managing to update it so regularly! Not sure how you manage it!

Ul in the final yesterday though not sure you should have shown him the Kings.

Thx for the updates on blonde too.

Anonymous said...

Well done mate, glad some of my £200 went somewhere good.

Steve H. said...

Cheers Marcus, I will be investing it in the side events at Walsall mate. See if I can get a bankroll together to go to Vegas ;-).

Mike & Lou said...

nice result, unlucky with the last hand