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PartyPoker.com European Open V –

Heat 10

1 Fintan Gavin (2nd)
2 Simon Craig (3rd)
3 Eoghan O'Dea (6th)
4 Agnieszka Rylik (5th)
5 Julian Thew (4th)
6 Soroya Homam (1st)

Hand 20) simon with Qc Jc SB limps, o'dea's BB raises 9k with Jh 5c... Jd 9c Js... start the car?... checked, As.. simon bets 10k... eoghan moves all-in... simon craig calls and the river is 2d... EOGHAN O'DEA IS OUT IN SIXTH IN HEAT 10

150 fintan, 119 rylik, 116 soroya, 113 simon, 102 thew blinds to 2/4k

Hand 43) rylik gets aces for the second time and limps... thew with 7h 5d, soroya with Qh 5s gets involved.. 5h 6 c5c... rylik bets 10k, quick 20k reraise from thew, soroya... reraises to 60k... and rylik moves all-in... julian moves all-in and soroya calls in a flash, rylik needs an ace - 333k pot... 2c turn... 4c... AGNIESZKA RYLIK IS OUT IN FIFTH

Hand 63> 358 soroya, 117 fintan, 65 simon, 60 thew... blinds up to 5/10k

Hand 66) fintan Ah 8h moves all-in... thew calls with Kh 8s... 6s 10s 2c... 5c... 6c JULIAN THEW IS OUT IN FOURTH

Hand 67) simon moves all-in with As 6h... and soroya calls with Ah Qs... 5c 5h Qc... 7d... 10d SIMON CRAIG IS OUT IN THIRD PLACE

fintan all-in with 3c 3h... homam wants a count... no surprise with Ah 10c... 182k to call... fintan is chatting away but Soroya just won't let anyone put her off her pace, she's still thinking about this one and she does call


Heat 11

1 Stuart Rutter (2nd)
2 Christoph Haller (1st)
3 Liam Flood (6th)
4 Annette Obrestad (4th)
5 Paul Bracken (3rd)
6 Richard Wheatley (5th)

end of the first level - 145 wheatley, 142 annette, 103 haller, 80 flood, 78 bracken, 52 rutter
Hand 45) annette raises 12k utg with Ah Jd... round to liam's BB... he moves all-in with 5d 6s...
3s 10h 8h... Qc... Qh LIAM FLOOD IS OUT IN SIXTH IN HEAT 11

Hand 55) annette raises 12k with Qc 10d... wheatley raises 8s 6d all-in, annette calls... 9s 7h Jd... Kc... 3h RICHARD WHEATLEY IS OUT IN FIFTH SPOT

After 63 hands: 243 annette, 155 bracken, 104 rutter, 98 haller blinds 5/10k

Hand 67) annette all-in Ah 7h utg... haller calls with Ad 9s... 10d 9h 4h... Qs... 10s ANNETTE OBRESTAD IS OUT IN FOURTH

Hand 85) haller 4c 7c, bracken all-in with Ah Ks, rutter Kh 4s... Jd 5s 6s... checked - bracken hasnt looked yet... 4h... rutter bets haller folds... 4d PAUL BRACKEN IS OUT IN THIRD

heads up chip counts... Haller 378k vs. Rutter 222k

Hand 97) haller raises Ac Js to 42k... black eights for Rutter who reraises to 110k... haller reraises all in Stuart calls... 7s 10s 6s... 7h... Ah


Heat 12

Seat 1 Barny Boatman (5th)
Seat 2 William Taylor (1st)
Seat 3 Juha Helppi (3rd)
Seat 4 May Maceiras (2nd)
Seat 5 Simon Zach (4th)
Seat 6 Ciaran O'Leary (6th)

Hand 3) Ciaran with Kh Qd riases to 5k . May Ad 8d on the bb reraises to 13k. Ciaran calls
Flop 3d Ac 10h May bets 18k Ciaran calls, Turn Ah and May checks, Ciaran fires all in!!!!
May has a confused look on her face and she checks her cards and peers over to Ciaran and she Calls!!!! the river is the 6s and CIARAN O'LEARY IS OUT IN 6TH PLACE WHAT A START.

After 21 hands: 195 may, 191 taylor, 90 barny, 75 juha, 49 zach blinds now 2/4k

Hand 48) barny with Jh Jc raises to 16k, May on the BB with As Qd... reraise to 45k from may, 29k for barny to call.......... barny moves all-in on may.... may calls
barny stands up... 7h Js 10h... 9c... 8d BARNY BOATMAN IS OUT IN FIFTH SPOT

Hand 50) zach all-in with Kh 10s, call from taylor with Qh Qs...... 3c Ac 3s... 7c... Jc..

Hand 53) raise from taylor to 18k with Ac Qh, helppi all-in with Ad 4h... call from taylor

473k taylor vs. 127k may

Hand 55) may limps with 10h 6c, taylor with Qh 2h... Qd 7h Ad... checked, Qs... 17k from may, call from taylor, 10s.. taylor bets 35k, may moves all-in and taylor calls...


Time for the second turbo heat of the PartyPoker.com European Open V...

1 May Maceiras (6th)
2 Ian Frazer (5th)
3 Dale Hoy (2nd)
4 Stuart Rutter (4th)
5 Roberto Romanello (1st)
6 Fintan Gavin (3rd)

After 21 hands blinds now 5/10k

Hand 22) may short stacked all-in As Qc... roberto calls blind... with 2d 7d... Qd 5d 4d... Ac... 8c MAY MACEIRAS IS OUT OF THE TURBO IN SIXTH SPOT

Hand 25) fintan limps with Kd Kc... and frazer short stacked all-in with Qh 10s Rutter all-in with 10d 10c... flop ; As Ac 6c... 6h... Js IAN FRAZER IS OUT IN FIFTH SPOT

Hand 28) rutter short stacked is all-in on his BB... limp from fintan with Jd 6d... dale all-in with 6s 6h... rutter has Jc 4c... flop: 8c 4s 10d... Qs... 6c STUART RUTTER IS OUT IN FOURTH SPOT

247 ROBERTO, 193 HOY, 160 FINTAN

Hand 29) fintan moves all-in with 4h 5c dale instacalls with 9d 9c... flop: Qh 8c Ad... 5d... 2d FINTAN GAVIN IS OUT IN THIRD SPOT

blinds are up to 15/30... 345k roberto, 255k dale

Hand 52) dale raises with red kings to 75k and roberto reraises all in with As 4s, Dale instacalls... Qs 10s 4d... 2s... 3h... ROBERTO ROMANELLO IS THROUGH TO THE SECOND SEMI FINAL OF THE PARTYPOKER.COM EUROPEAN OPEN V


First semi final.

The top three go through to the final and carry their chips through.

Seat 1 Chris Bury (7th)
Seat 2 Bambos Charalambos (4th)
Seat 3 David Rudling (5th)
Seat 4 Karl Mahrenholz (6th)
Seat 5 Andy Ward (FT)
Seat 6 Marc Goodwin (FT)
Seat 7 Craig Burgess (FT)

Chip counts at the end of the first level (21 hands)
Marc up to 172,000 Karl 126,000 Ward 109,000 Davcid 100,000 Bambos 81,000 Craig 77,000 Bury 35,000 Blinds are up to 2k/4k

Hand 22) Ward 7d 7c raises to 10k Bury with the ladies Qc Qd is all in, back to Ward and it is 25k - 2 to 1 hi money - and calls. Flop 7s 3c 9d turn 9s the river 8h CHRIS BURY IS OUT IN 7TH PLACE AND WALKS AWAY WITH $7000

Chip counts after 42 hands
Marc 223,000 Craig 186,000 Ward 146,000 David 65,000 Karl 54,000 Bambos 26,000 Blinds up to 3k/6k

Hand 43) Karl Jh Js on the sb makes it 15k Ward with Ah 6s all in" Karl insta calls.
Flop 4c Ac 5c turn 5s river Qd KARL MAHRENHOLZ IS OUT IN 6TH PLACE

Hand 49) 10d 10h for David calls and Ward Kc Kh raises, David is all in and Ward calls!!!!
Flop 6s 8d 9s turn Qs and the river is the 8h DAVID RUDLING IS OUT IN 5TH PLACE

Hand 62) Bambos 3c 3s is all in Marc Kc 7s, it 37k to call and he says alright I call.
Flop Qd 7c 8s turn 8c river is the Ah BAMBOS IS OUT 4TH

1st FINAL SEAT: Craig Burgess
2nd FINAL SEAT: Marc Goodwin
3rd FINAL SEAT: Andy Ward
4th $12,500 Bambos Charalambos
5th $11,000 David Rudling
6th $9,000 Karl Mahrenholz
7th $7000 Chris Bury



JonnyBCash said...

Stuart will be spitting feathers

Steve H. said...

I'll let you know when the heat is on sky, They have sent me the pre edit dvd and they (matt Broughton and Jesse May) absolutly rip into him, calling him a condom head.